Friday, March 25, 2016

Kickstarter: Firelock Games "Blood and Plunder"

I stumbled upon this game in a video from Beasts of War a couple of weeks back.  It's an upcoming late-17th century pirate game, called "Blood and Plunder" by Firelock Games out of Florida, USA.

Tease photo from "Blood and Plunder"

I decided to post this up because it looks like a darn good swing at the pirate genre.  Based in the earlier part of the "Gold Era of Piracy", the game is aiming for extended historical accuracy while being fun/quick/intuitive.
I'll be keeping an eye out for the game, and here is an article from Beasts of War which provides some simple explanations of the mechanics etc.  It seems they've acquired professional help from historians who specialize in the age.  They'll be doing a line of miniatures and the chief designer stated they're doing at least a couple of resin ships.

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