Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Scratchbuild plans...

So, I've long been a fan of the somewhat ridiculous Char 2C tank (French, Interwar).  I've also long thought it had a very 40K vibe.  Now that I'm working to finish my Chaos Space Marines force along with my Eldar force I've decided I'd like to do a proper "centrepiece" model for each army.  I'll probably end up with a Wraithknight for the Eldar.  So a custom super-heavy tank for the Chaos fellas seems apt?

Here is the planned dataslate:

It is essentially a super-heavy transport w/ siege-breaking intentions (fits the Nurgle style of my marine force).

Will need to come up with a cost and then add a few power for the "what if" factor.

Here is the tank I will be using (but heavily 40K-ing ---- the turrets will be replaced, motors and exhaust modified, sponsons added, etc.)


  1. Hi! Just stumbled across your blog - you have quite the collection of stuff here!

    This particular project looks super fun - I am looking forward to seeing updates! Are you going to use a 1/48 or 1/35 scale model?

    I remember way back in the Rogue Trader days a picture of an orc force making use of a 1/35 scale A7V.

    I've picked up a few 1/48 scale KV-2s to someday convert to Ragnarock tanks for an Imperial Guard force!

    1. The kit in question is 1/35th I think - it's a biggun (as big as a 40K superheavy - albeit long instead of wide). It's still on the backburner as the whole thing will be maybe $100 by the time the kit and all of the bits are assembled. I had to change the name too since it turns out there is a Plague Crawler coming out for the Death Guard...grrr...this'll be a fun project when I start it!

    2. Yeah - 1/35 will look AWESOME!