Sunday, August 2, 2020

Games!: A bumbled ambush...

Played a game of Battlegroup yesterday.  Through some poor luck on my opponents side, and excellent luck on my side - the scenario more or less fell apart.

It was a good learning experience though!

The scenario began with a platoon of German infantry re-inforcing a single German Tiger Ace...against a random onslaught of Soviet units.
My initial roll resulted in almost all of my armour showing up first!  Bad news for the Germans.
The game goes poorly for the Germans almost immediately.  Several halftracks are shot to pieces, and the Tiger Ace - having rolled terribly, only knocks out a single T-70 before flanking T-34s immobilize, then kill it. The German infantry are at a loss as they lack weapons to counter the armour.
 Despite his superb training, the lone Tiger Ace rolls poorly and T-34s are able to close the distance, firing at near point blank into the side of the Tiger.
 The second reinforcement arrives, a Panther - which is immobilized by a token while on the bridge.  It fails to kill the T-34s nearby and...then realizes it too will be flanked by the speedy Soviets.  German infantry begin to abandon the town/crossroads.
Realizing the bridge is clogged with units, some German infantry and halftracks flee to the fields to escape the Soviet onslaught.
The Panther is flanked by the T-34s as well, and explodes.  A KV-1 (off screen) is immobilized so badly that it explodes, and a German halftrack with a 37mm gun attempts to save the day but is wrecked by a T-34 round.
The dice were against the Germans in this game, and the Soviet rolls were excellent.  The scenario went a bit sideways, but was still fun.  


Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Katyusha...on rails?

Using some leftover T-70 kits...and some spare Katyusha vehicles, I decided to assemble a poor facsimile of the BM-8-24 and similar rocket launching tanks.

Essentially when the T-60 was obsolete, some Katyusha style 132mm rocket launchers were installed on the chassis.

While my launcher is incorrect and the vehicle base is a T-70...not a T-60, this should be close enough for Battlegroup in 15mm.

Two "BM-8-24" rocket vehicles along with the basic T-70s.

Monday, July 27, 2020

What is this, I don't...even...?


I've been doing a bunch of random hobbying lately, but haven't put it together into a coherent blog post...and this isn't going to be coherent either.

Been working on CCC quite a bit lately, behind the scenes stuff (revisiting cards, game mechanics, etc.).  Have played a half dozen games lately.

 Our adventuring party interrupts a romantic relationship between a Minotaur and a pile of rocks...
The Halfling (new class) thinks he's fast enough to outwit the Stone Golem.  He is incorrect.  The Minotaur almost kills the rest of the party - weirdly killed by the Halfling right before he dies.

 The first six of at least a dozen Cultists which are being added to the dungeon crawl.
The other new class is the Monk...shown above.

 Two cute little BA-64 armored scout cars repainted.
 A re-paint of an IL-2 Sturmovik in 15mm.
 A repaint of a P-39 Airacobra in 15mm scale.
 A unit of T-70 tanks for Battlegroup (Battlefront miniatures)
 A repainted Yak-1 fighter for air support.

Forgot I painted up a bunch of support teams!
Aaand forgot I painted up another platoon of infantry (PSC this time).

Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Soviet Horde as of now...

Some more units added to the ever increasing Soviet army.  Currently a mix of FoW/Battlefront infantry models, PSC guns and artillery, and Zvezda vehicles.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Soviet guns a rollin'.

Finishing some extra armour and fire support for the Soviet army.

1x Su-152 from Zvezda
1x KV-2 from Zvezda
2x T-34/43 from Zvezda
2x 120mm Mortar teams from Battlefront/Flames of War
2x Su-76M from Zvezda
1x KV-1 from Zvezda

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Battlegroup Tokens (WW2 gaming aids!)

Adopting a new wargame...I ended up of, as always, designing up some game aids.  I've assembled some cheat sheets and I designed some tokens which will come in handy.

Battlegroup requires a bag of 104 "Battle Counter" tokens, and I added in 30 small status tokens for the most common uses in the game.

I decided to put some together for the most popular factions, namely those that my buddies and I would be playing!

I will be doing some more in the future, namely British, and some specialized token sets for friends.  I have already done one; the 4th ID for my buddy who served with them. 

Monday, June 15, 2020

Potato phone pictures of the Russian horde!

While moving stuff around on a shelf, I took these minis out and snapped a few poor photos.  I finished another rifle platoon today and an additional sapper squad and a second 50mm mortar.  I also snapped a pic of my completed infantry, and then my whole current force sitting in its "waiting" tray!

 New recruits arrive from the train depot...
 The assembled collection thus far...
All of my current infantry.

Overall, pretty happy with the results, and happy that I'm at the stage as a wargamer/hobbyist that I can envision something and make it happen with decent results, in a planned and methodical method.  I was able to find a solution to numerous problems and I'm right where I'd like to be with regard to being able to play Battlegroup (minus needing some proper terrain!).

As with all of my projects I always try to do the most boring stuff first.  In this instance...a company of Russian infantry and some assembled officers and support teams.  While I have a bunch of additional infantry left to do at some point (various communications teams, etc.), my bulk infantry are done.  Everything else will now seem like a joy to paint by comparison!

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

15mm Entrenchments from Flames of War

Starting to assemble/build terrain elements for 15mm, I picked up a box of Entrenchments from Flames of War.

Product as advertised - box of eight pieces, six large and two small - made to fit FoW bases.
These were nice, and while I forgot to take pictures, the colours were a bit off - even from the actual cover of that box.  The barrels were a light blue/grey, the wood was all painted dark brown with a minor drybrush and some of the crates were a weird bright orange/red.
Regardless, the casts are nice, the details are plenty good for 15mm, and I wasn't hating the price (around $18).  An hour spent re-painting the wood and rocks and barrels...and crates...basically the whole thing and I'm happy.
One minor gripe - they're almost laser-perfect fit for FoW bases, meaning you may scrape the paint off the edge of your bases.  A spare 1mm would have been nice (the smaller two have some gaps/room and don't suffer from this).  Overall, and easy 4/5 product!


Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Soviet Storm arises...

Some more progress on my Soviet force for Battlegroup (starting with Kursk).