Monday, May 25, 2020

Where did he go? He went to Moscow.

I know the blog has been borderline nonexistent this past month or two.  I'm just doing a lot of stuff behind the scenes which doesn't translate into actual hobby stuff.

Still working on the latest revision of the dungeon crawl decks, and been designing tokens for WW2 Battlegroup.

To that effect I've actually been working on something new; a 15mm Soviet army for Battlegroup.

I rarely show off stuff in progress, but this has been my last couple of weeks slowly accruing the materials to do 15mm.

 First stands of FoW "Storm Group" Soviet miniatures - painting 16 at a time on a couple of sticks of sintra.
 The FoW "Storm Group" box has some little 50mm mortars, some AT rifles, etc.
Overall I am finding painting 15mm to a "reasonable" standard quite fun and relaxing compared to 28mm stuff.
The Plastic Soldier Company crew for their 45mm guns are pretty boring/flat/poor by comparison, but at this scale they work fine.
While I'm not running hordes of vehicles yet, I opted for the occasionally simple Zvezda kits for my initial vehicles.
Before priming my bases, I used a drop of wood glue inside each place, allowing for easy removal afterward - saves time over carefully scraping off paint to allow miniatures to glue nicely to the base.
After priming, the tabs of wood glue pop out quite easily.
Tada!  Bases with clean plastic for gluing.
Using Vallejo "Dark Earth" gel paste for the basing material, quite handy, quick, and thus far looks good.
The vehicles painted up nicely and easily...if not beautiful, at least functional at the tabletop level.
The Zvezda kits were great...with the exception of the BA-10, which was a fucking nightmare and I cannot recommend it.  Whoever thought 25 pieces was appropriate for an inch-long tiny armored car...should be shot.  In addition to being fiddly and easily broken, they show large gaps I wasn't able to fix.
The infantry were dispatched quite easily and quite quickly.  Playing Soviets I know I have...a lot more of these in my future, but it's not awful painting them, so I'm confident it'll be doable.
A mix of support units from the "Storm Group", and the PSC "45mm" gun pack.  I've got a 50mm mortar, two AT rifles, two Maxim machine gun teams, two 45mm "long" AT guns, and two 76.2mm infantry guns.  I have more crew/AT rifles/mortars ...but don't need them just yet and I have no spare bases to mount them on.
Using spare crew I made up two "loader teams" for optional use in Battlegroup.

My initial batch of Soviet models - waiting on static grass and some tufts to "finish" the basing on the infantry and support weapons.  Very happy so far with the results - now to order/buy/build some actual terrain to fight over!




Monday, April 27, 2020

2020 Slow roll...

Been distracted lately with a lot of working going into some retro 2nd edition support files for Warhammer, and a lot more role-playing remotely via Discord.

However, still putting the occasional paint to some miniatures.  This time it's a sorceress....siren(?) and a metal reproduction of the classic Hero Quest Chaos sorcerer.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Some NPCs and some crapboys.

Really not happy with these two cowboys I did recently (may strip and re-paint them), but some Reaper Bones Black NPCs and a halfling thief turned out okay.

In a real hobby slump as far as painting these minis lately...

Monday, April 13, 2020

Sounds in the deep...

No miniatures in the past few days, but an order from Dwarven Forge showed up and has been painted.

Gotta say...not overly enthused with this Dungeon of Doom stuff.  It's one of the later Kickstarters, and the quality on the pieces is pretty underwhelming.  Compared to the original KS stuff, the walls and corners have more bend/bowing in them.  The doors are chintzier, the basic floor tile is less detailed (and picks up paint worse).  A lot of these pieces are simply "trying too hard".  I can see some points of failure if used heavily.

Don't care for the recessed base (which is why they're bowing from what I can see).  The magnetic stuff is a waste of money but was included in the "Encounter" I purchased.

The floor pieces are extremely "okay", and were likewise bowed quite a bit, but I expect they might flatten if I simply stack stuff on them.

The walls, when lined up, leave much larger gaps than the original KS stuff.  Overall, I think they simply tried too hard to be clever, and I give this stuff a B- from a quality perspective.  Sadly it's much more expensive than the original KS material as well.  Not the best experience.

I also had to wash these with dish soap, which is the first time I've had to do that with any DF plastic stuff.  Paint was pooling and wouldn't hold until they were all brushed.  Another knock, but that could be simply the plastic mix, or an error.

Overall, it's nice to have more stuff to make a versatile dungeon, but it's probably the first time I've ever been rather disappointed with the end product.  I'll have to be more careful about what I buy going forward.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Some Dungeon World resources (warning: RPG content!)

Like everyone else, my tabletop gaming has been limited as of late.  As such I've been doing some role-playing over Discord, etc.

I've been really enjoying learning Dungeon World, and have assembled the following cheat sheets for my own use.  I've also included some excellent 3rd party character sheets which are less ink-heavy than the official ones.

Just some resources if you're new to Dungeon World like I am:

Hope someone gets some use out of these.  They're handy to have printed out, making it easier than thumbing through the book.  

A little role-playing diversion...maps!

Been doing some D&D lately and not loving it.  I have however been playing around a bit with Dungeon World which is far more my style.  Looking forward to doing more of it in the future.  It's also a good stand-in right now with current events - being easily played over Discord chats.

To that effect I've been screwing around with map-drawing lately.  It's something that has long appealed to me, so I finally picked up some proper pens and some decent paper.  Been enjoying drawing random fantasy maps.  Hopefully these'll come into play later in various role-playing games, or maybe the dungeon crawl game.

 First attempt at a proper map...made some errors, learning some stuff.
 The third map, based around a crazy coastline.
 My little dinner-desk covered in maps...

 The second map which may sneak its way into a role-playing session soon.
I've purposely left names off the last two maps I've done - going to see about scanning the maps and maybe digitally assigning names, so that the maps can be used by people without worrying about my names and decisions.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Couple extra ratmen...

A couple of Reaper ratmen...not a big fan of the result, but they're just for use in a couple of pictures.  Will sell them off shortly.

These three do put me at 34 miniatures for 2020 thus far, so I'm on target for 10/month.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Zombies wander into the dungeon...

So over the past week I painted up these 18 zombies which are from Fireforge "Undead Peasants" box or some such.  Really nice minis, simple, but well designed.  A couple of issues with some of the arms (just really finicky to assemble!).  Love that they're not someone who would be painting up dozens and dozens of these could do them quickly.

$27 shipped from the UK for the box of 18 - a solid deal.  I'll be adding some of the armored zombies eventually too - just to have more on hand, and to mix it up a little bit.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Replacement ghouls...

Maybe a year ago I painted up some "ur ghuls" or whatever from Blackstone Fortress.  I found them pretty cool as generic ghoulish creatures and...more importantly, stupidly easy to paint.  I decided to pick some up since they're cheap on eBay.

I repainted the bases on the original four minis...and added another 12.  So these will stand in as ghouls for my dungeon game, even if they don't particularly match the classic aesthetic. 

Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Ballad of Bob the Bushwacker

Got in a game of Shoot N' Skedaddle...with appropriately poor pictures.  It was a lengthy and crazy game in the newly invented town of Bent River, New Mexico.  A buddy of mine and I did up a gang/posse of six characters; I ended up with Lawmen, and he, Outlaws.

 A bloodbath erupts early in the game...the Judge is dead...the 'Bad Man' is dead..the Drifter and Hired Gun are wounded...

 A Town Person, a Bodyguard and a Prostitute walk outside of a burning bar...
 The Drifter grits his teeth and ignores his gunshot wound...
 An exuberant Town Person joins the Lawmen only to be gunned down a few minutes later while he's rummaging through the 'Bad Man's coat...
 Bob the Bushwacker.  An innocent enough looking fellow.  Bob showed up as a Lawmen reinforcement...but was drawn as a Bushwacker (Outlaw Character).  He galloped into town shooting around..
 Lawmen reinforcements arrive, and blaze away at Bob the Bushwacker, firing 20-30 shots as he speeds through town.  Eventually his horse is shot out from under him and he falls, becoming Shocked.  He survives this and flees two Brothers chasing him on horseback...another 6-10 gunshots missing or failing to wound him...
 Bob the Bushwacker (lower left) flees into a bar...chased by the Brothers.  He survives more gunshots and jumps up onto the roof.  Now he's chased by the Older Brother who engages him in fisticuffs....he flees, surviving two rounds of close combat.  The Younger Brother and a Town Person are likewise chasing him...when he falls off the roof onto the outhouse and then grabs a surprised occupant as a hostage...Bob the Bushwacker manages to escape the whole game having survived 35-40 gunshots, several rounds of combat, falling off a horse and a roof...
 The Outlaw Hired Gun with a sawed off shotgun evens the score by gunning down Lawmen mercilessly, surviving a hail of bullets.
 Just five of the many bodies strewn about...
 Late game madness.
Two Outlaws who survived the whole game in these two buildings.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

A quick runabout in the dungeon...

Hosted a small game of CCC playtesting again, and will probably step away from playtesting it for a bit until asked or until a third version of my cards arrive.  Still doing working behind the scenes, but will cool off the playtest schedule until some more changes are made.

Also need to start working on the campaign and between-game play, the quest book, etc.

 Blazing through some Skeletons with our all-conquering Elemental Ally (who turned out to be way overpowered!)
 First room of this Quest was a simple Skeleton bashing session.
 In the Quest Room we ran into a Legendary Encounter, and Skeletons and Verminkind (ratmen!)
 The Quest Room fight elevates...but is handled with "ease".
 A room which should have been a tough fight...but we paid off the Troll, the Elemental slew the Cockatrice quickly and then we just peppered the Dragon to death - will be fixing some of the stuff involved here...rather underwhelming fight!
Just poking around the ole dungeon...