Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Eo'Thel Starborn, Autarch of the Yderis Craftworld

Disclaimer: I don't like the idea of an Autarch.  I think it was a poor design choice from GW, but it's an effective and necessary part of running Eldar (sometimes).  I decided to make one, and simply consider him as a powerful Dire Avenger Exarch who's taken on a leadership role with the Yderis Craftworld.

I've always loved this simple Dire Avenger Exarch model, and he happens to match the rather underwhelming Autarch in the new game.  We'll see if I can adapt to the idea. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

40K Glamour Shots, Part 2.

 Fuegan and his Fire Dragons face down Daemon Princes of Nurgle.
 Karandras leads his Striking Scorpions through the lower levels of the city.
 Malavyn Saal is escorted by Plague Marines.
 Quthon Vale dons his terminator armour to teleport into battle with his bodyguard.
 Quthon Vale leads his assault marines against the deadly Howling Banshees and their Phoenix Lord, Jain Zar.
 Lead by a flame-throwing variant of the Predator tank, Wandering Sons armour carefully rolls through the ruined streets.
 The agile Eldar tanks of the Yderis Craftworld fly high above the ruins in search of prey.
Guardians of the Yderis Craftworld deploy into the city.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

40K Glamour Shots, Part 1.

I set up to take a bunch of pictures tonight...then got side-tracked (read: completely lost interest and felt like poop).  Here are the ones I managed.

 A Wandering Sons Aspiring Champion directs maddened cultists.
 The Wandering Sons gather dreadnoughts for a break through attempt.
 Khyrum Saal oversees the battle from above.
 Khyrum Saal, Chapter Master of the Wandering Sons.
 Malavyn Saal, Chief Apothecary of the Wandering Sons directs his cult followers into battle.
Yderis Craftworld Wraithlords battle Wandering Sons marines in the ruins.

Zoriskos, Leviathan Dreadnought of the Wandering Sons

Finished up my second (much worse cast) resin Leviathan Dreadnought.  Modified slightly with a plague-marine styled head.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Four short fellas walk into a bar...

...and bump their heads.  He said.

So I was considering doing a Mordheim Dwarf warband last year...bought some metal minis from Black Tree Design (risky!).  I painted some, primed four others, and then never really played them.  They're quite terrible in Mordheim, really.

So these four fellows sat, primed, on my paint desk for perhaps a full year?  I'm trying to clear my painting queue and I finally mustered the effort to paint them up.  Quick, ugly, and really a struggle just to paint four simple figures.

I now have four more figures on the desk, so expect those...next year.

These dwarfs will now see service in the dungeon crawl most likely, or will simply "be", available.

Games!: Shoot N' Skedaddle

Got together with a buddy named Mike to play some Shoot N' Skedaddle last night.  It was his first game and he grabbed onto the rules immediately.  It became one of the most bizarre and epic games I've played...even outdoing the last game I played a few weeks back.

The table set up in the local game store, a simple 4x4 layout.

As usual when the gunfighting started I ended up forgetting to take anywhere near enough pictures.  This 5 vs 5 game was absolutely crazy.
  • A Hired Gun and a Yellow Belly spent several turns having a point blank shootout and running around a building trying to kill each other, including the Hired Gun diving through a window and blasting a chunk out of the building with his shotgun...before a civilian joined the fight, and came out blazing from the outhouse, and the 'Bad Man' came and finally ended things.
  • The Prospector managed to blow up half of Town Hall but failed to kill a Cowboy - who then challenged him to a Shootout...and the Prospector turned into an amazing gunfighter (Despite having a terrible "Marksmanship" skill...and slew him immediately.
  • The Sheriff was alone facing four enemies at the end of the game... (1:4)
  • He shot and killed the Pony Express rider. (1:3)
  • He drew a Lawman card which forced the civilian to flee for his life (1:2)
  • He used a Lawmen card to ambush the 'Bad Man' who was chasing him down on horseback (1:1)
  • He was engaged in mainstreet, shooting at the 'Yellow Belly' (who by now had drank a bottle of liquor to become brave...drank some poison in an effort to boost himself...and then hit up the Opium Den...and then put on 'Boiler Plate' armour...) 
  • The 'Bad Man' drew a revival card...stood up and gunned down the Sheriff, shooting him in the back, like a proper Outlaw.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Malavyn Saal.

Malavyn Saal, caste brother to Khyrum Saal of the Wandering Sons.  This wayward Apothecary was the force behind the secretive Lodge within the chapter.  When it created a pact with Nurgle, saving the chapter from the terrible warpstorm which held it.

While Malavyn and Khyrum share a surname, it is not a surname as humans of Terra would know it.  It references the blood caste of their original planet, from which the chapter precursor to the Wandering Sons drew their initiates.  Malavyn and Khyrum date back several hundred years.  While they do not speak openly to each other, they both have a part to play in the uneasy truce within the Renegade Chapter.

For game purposes, Malavyn Saal uses the datasheet for Fabius Bile.  This is why he's been remodeled to match the equipment of that character.

Leviathan Arms
With a second Leviathan dreadnought on the way, I decided to start with the arms, giving my current Leviathan an option of defending itself when the Tyranids arrive.

I've also been painting up some terrain pieces to add to the 40K table and collection.  Some will be based with the neutral browns, others will be based to more match the concrete gaming mat I use.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Campaign: The Ruin of Evindauer

Approximately 8-9 months ago I started playing 8th edition 40K (whenever it came out).  I joined a local Warhammer group on Facebook and met up with some fellow gamers.  I ended up gaming prodominatly with a couple of guys.  One of these guys was interested in linking our games into a vague campaign/scenario.  We ham-fisted our way through a couple of games and began to slowly craft it (instead of crafting it properly before starting!).

My buddy John had a nice Dark Angels army, and I had my Eldar army with the beginnings of my as-yet unnamed Chaos Space Marines (Renegades, really).  John later started a Tyranids army.  We played several games and assembled the following story thus far...

The Evindauer System
 The Evindauer System is a small Imperial mining system, abandoned long ago due to continually encroaching Chaos and Daemonic raids near the Eye of Terror.  It was abandoned in such haste that vast quantities of minerals, supplies and trade goods were abandoned, along with a defensive ring built around the main planet in the system.

Evindauer Prime, the system's capital planet was a major source of conductive crystal materials, used in a variety of Imperium weaponry and communications equipment.  The naturally occuring crystals were harvested from the acidic rivers and oceans on the planet.

The Cicatrix Maledictum
When the Cicatrix Maledictum rent space apart, the Evindauer System found itself moved further afield from the Eye of Terror, abandoned, but no longer subject to such frequent daemonic incursions.

The Wandering Sons
The Wandering Sons, a Renegade Space Marine Chapter, encountered the system while carrying out raids nearby.  They immediately identified it as a likely source of materials, weaponry, and resources.  It's location would also make a suitable launchpad for further incursions into Imperium space.

Planetfall and the Fallen
Upon arriving in the Evindauer System, the lead frigates from the Wandering Sons fleet dispatched scouting forces to the main planets in the system.  They encountered and subsequently captured a small contingent of 'Fallen', wayward Dark Angels.  Unfamiliar with the nature of the 'Fallen', these Imperium captives were to be put to death in dark rituals to appease Nurgle, the chosen god of many of the Wandering Sons.

The Dark Angels
No one knows how or why the Dark Angels arrived in the Evindauer System, but the presence of the 'Fallen' mean it was surely not by mistake or accident.  Perhaps communications were intercepted between the Wandering Sons fleet, or perhaps other intelligence led the Dark Angels to their prey.  A small scouting fleet from the Dark Angels arrived in system and immediately sought out the 'Fallen', engaging the Wandering Sons as they attempted their vile rituals.

Having arrived in system, the Dark Angels deployed on all of the systems planets, including Evindauer Prime, Evindauer III, and the half-completed Evindauer Ring, a massive defensive battlestation intended to protect the planet from enemy fleets.

The Dark Angels are unaware of how many 'Fallen' were captured, slain, or are still at large in the system.  They also do not know what, if any, information was betrayed to the unidentified Renegade Space Marines they've encountered.

Unexpected Arrival
With both Space Marine chapters beginning initial maneuvers and engaging in skirmishes, a third presence made its appearance in the Evindauer System; sleek purple and white xenos vessels.  Identified quickly as Eldar, the fleet of small ships avoided combat in the deep reaches of space, making use of their scatter shields and stealthy elusive tricks.

Yderis Craftworld
Craftworld is perhaps a misnomer.  The Eldar of the Yderis Craftworld have not seen their Craftworld in some thousands of years.  Abandoned during a terrible warpstorm, the Yderis Eldar fled in a fleet of ships.  For thousands of years they wandered the stars, trading with Exodite colonies and Eldar corsair fleets.  Their fleet of ships may mimic the actions and environment of a Craftworld, but each year ships are lost in combat, accidents, or by simple departures.

When the Cicatrix Maledictum occured, a psychic shockwave announced a hope to the Farseers of the wayward Craftworld.  Rumours began to spread that the Craftworld had reappeared.  Convened councils determined there was a distinct possibility the Craftworld was indeed present, having been purged from the warp.

There is a problem for the Eldar of the Yderis Craftworld.  When the craftworld was abandoned in the hellish warp storm the powerful Farseers barricaded the Craftworld, sealing it off from the Eldar webway with the exception of a few secretive entrances and exits.  It was hoped the craftworld might remain uninhabited in the depths of the warp.  One of these webway portals was constructed on a crone world called Mer'Lan, in a system later called Evindauer by the human races of the Imperium; suddenly viable following the events of the Cicatrix Maledictum.

The Threat in the Dark
There is a looming threat just on the periphery of the Evindauer System.  A wayward tentacle of Hive Fleet Kraken has been snaking its way in the dead space around the system.  While its common practice to avoid these portions of a Tyranid Hive Fleet, this tentacle is dangerously close to detecting life on the system.  The Eldar have a vested interest in avoiding major displays of power or energy around the planets; if the Tyranids arrive...Yderis Eldar may never get to their webway portal(s).

The escalating conflict between the Dark Angels and the Wandering Sons may do just that, particularly if the Dark Angels fire up the Evindauer Ring.  It's massive output of energy would shine like a beacon in space, the Tyranids of Hive Kraken long drawn to power sources which often indicate the presence of biomass.

The situation so far...
  • The Dark Angels and Wandering Sons have clashed over the capture and sacrifice of 'Fallen', now verified on the planet.
  • The Dark Angels are deploying ever larger forces as Wandering Sons battle barges emerge on the fringes of the system.
  • The Eldar have attempted to stop the Dark Angels from firing up the orbital defense ring around Evindauer Prime, and have thus far been successful.
  • The Tyranids have yet to appear in system.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Plague Marines: Redux

I sold off my older Plague Marine squad on eBay because I wasn't ecstatic with the paint scheme I had decided on.  I order up some more bits and redid the squad anew.  This time it's featuring two Blight Launchers and a champion armed with a plasma gun and powerfist (a bit added firepower).  I decided I don't like the Maxmini heads (used on both the old ones and these new ones), but decided too late.  They're just too large and have the opposite effect of the lovely Skitarii heads - they make the marines look even more squat/silly.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Games!: Warhammer 40K

Last night I played a brutal game of 40K, continuing the evolving narrative campaign involving my buddy John's Dark Angels, my Eldar and Chaos Space Marines (and soon to be John's Tyranids).

In this instance the Dark Angels were trying to use mobile plasma generators to fire up the final power plant which would activate a defensive ring around the planet  - hoping to use the ancient Imperium world's defenses against the inbound battle barges of the Wandering Sons (Chaos Space Marines).

In the end the Dark Angels failed by a few feet - a lone Ravenwing biker managing to get a plasma generator within feet of the door of the power plant station before Eldar reinforcements blunted the attack.