Monday, November 13, 2017

Games!: Warhammer 40K - Yderis vs. Dark Angels

Continuing our campaign, my buddy John and I snuck in a game of 40K last night. I managed a win with a large amount of fragile Eldar bodies!

 Playing on my Mordheim mat with Old West terrain is getting old...a 40K table is on the way!
 The Striking Scorpions attempt to steal the hidden power core (the token) but are eliminated by strong Dark Angels characters.
 Hot bike-on-bike action as the Spears attack the Ravenwing.
 Yderis plans for the defense as the Dark Angels obtain the power core and need to move it off my table edge.
 The Farseer guides the Dark Reapers with their lethal fire.
At the end of the game, Swooping Hawks descend to make an impossible wall of fire - preventing the Dark Angels from getting off the board.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Games!: Warhammer 40K, new paintwork on the Prism, and a Singer of Bones!

I got in a few splendid games of 40K with my buddy Rob on his gorgeous 40K table.  Two relatively small games, one Eldar defeat, one Eldar loss. Some great photo opportunities - and Rob was encouraged to paint the rest of his army so we could get even more pretty pics!

 The Avatar attempts to chase down Marines escaping with the objective.
 Shining Spears keep an eye on proceedings from above, waiting to pounce.
 Game one, the Eldar prepare to hold a landing pad.
 Eldar Rangers cover the approaches from elevated positions.
 Called to war in times of desperate measures - the Guardians hold down the flank.
 Eldar defense, viewed from above.
 His forces shattered, the marine Captain plots his revenge.
 Steeling himself, the Marine Captain prepares a suicidal final charge from above.
 Game 2 - the Fire Dragons discover the objective on the first turn - the Marines deploy from their Thunderhawk to destroy them.
 The Marine dreadnought takes aim at the Eldar forces nearby.
 Eldar search through the ruins for the objective.
 Sinister Dark Reapers keep an eye on Marine forces from an elevated position.
 A Warlock on jetbike leads his Aspect Warriors into battle.
 The gorgeous table for Game 2.
 The Marine Captain leaps from the floating island above, diving onto the Farseer.  This was foreseen and the Eldar Farseer impales the Captain on his Singing Spear, but not before the Captain buries his lighting flaw into the Eldar's flesh (The Captain was slain, the Farseer reduced to one wound!).  Thus ended the first game.
 Game 2- the Captain lands to slaughter the Fire Dragons and steal their prize.
 The captain has picked up the objective and is attacked at the table edge by the last few surviving Striking Scorpions (he would escape with one wound! GAH!)
 Dark reapers fail to get eyes on the target models.
 Table for Game 2.
Table for Game 2.

I also touched up and changed the paint on my Fire Prism - as I disliked the look so much I almost eBayed it.

I purchased and painted up some better Predator weapons and finished up a 2nd turret:

I salvaged an eBay Warlock and turned it into a Bonesinger for my army.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Games!: Warhammer 40K and bastard Obliterators

Got another game of 40K in with my buddy John - I'll elaborate on the campaign/story in a separate post.

 A Chaos Vindicator watches the bridge over the acid ocean.
 Plague Marines surge forward to follow the Dark Angels.
 Dark Angels meet the Wandering Sons in assault.
 The Chaos Warlord meets the Dark Angel's Captain in close combat.
 The Dark Angels arrive from orbit.
A Dark Angel librarian casts Smite from the Drop Pod's cover.

Stupid Obliterators
Take two on Chaos Obliterators..and they're already on eBay.  Will try a third time before giving up.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Games!: Warhammer 40K Eldar vs. Dark Angels (new codex)

So, I played a game against my buddy John last night, and we tried out the new Eldar codex.  Verdict?  Pretty darn good.  Admittedly John's running a hampered index Space Marine force - so it was an uphill fight.  It was a great "White Dwarf Moment" though with two painted armies on a fully finished table ( Old West terrain).

We played a made-up scenario which, admittedly, didn't work.  However we used the Open War deck to provide deployment zones and a twist - acid rain, which had a large effect on the game.

 The Yderish Warhost advances to find the data core.
 Late in the game a massive scrum breaks out amidst blown up Razorbacks.
 The short lived Ranger element which was reduced immediately..
 The Dark Angels librarian runs to the aid of their Captain.
 The staggering and wounded Eldar dreadnought clears out some marines with his flamers.
 The full devastator squad which doled out a lot of hurt on the frail Eldar.
 Late to arrive and having done little, the Swooping Hawks set up a picnic.
 The Deathwing arrive to put a stop to the marauding Wraithguard.
 The table before we got underway.
 The armed might of the Dark Angels is present.
 Dark Reapers deploy onto a hill as the Wave Serpent glides out to battle.
 The desperate late-game fight in the midst of the camp.
 The ill-fated Dark Angels flyer puts a lascannon beam into the flank of the dreadnought.
 The Yderish warhost pre-game workout.
 Dark Angels brought plasma...a lot of plasma!
Ravenwing bikers on the prowl.