Saturday, July 14, 2018

Scorpion reinforcements.

Not overly chuffed with these guys (just really struggled to get motivated to paint them) but bodies are bodies.  I may eventually re-do the Exarchs.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Yderis Spiritseer

A quick kitbash. It came out pretty good, but the plastic bits are on small contact patches so I'm already expecting it to break in the future.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Renegade Riders

An exceptionally annoying project that I mishandled (making it worse), I finally managed to finish a squad of bikers for my Wandering Sons.

Never look a gift Commissar in the mout-BLAM!!!!

So, story time!  Gather round kiddies!

Back in 2nd edition, when I was in high school I discovered the new Imperial Guard minis which were being churned out.  While I played Eldar, the historical wargaming part of me demanded I make a useless purchase, so I ended up with a squad of Valhallans, a single Leman Russ, and a commissar.  That Commissar is one of my all time favourite miniatures.

Fast forward 20 years.

I finally found one at a vaguely reasonable price on eBay and decided to paint him up for my buddy Danny's Imperial Guard force.  A late birthday present you could say.

As received via the eBayses.  Good shape, complete, missing the slottabase tab (which is fine), and pinned to a nice scenic resin base.
 Stripped down and cleaned up.
Re-based, and note: on a proper 25mm slottabase to match my buddy's army.  No flat Renedra here!
 I managed to knock him out in two sessions, one long one of painting, and then this morning doing the base, the power sword, some gloss on the boots and cover, etc.  Pretty happy with the result.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Games!: Warhammer 40K 8th Edition (Tokenhammer)

Had a 1250 points three-way game this weekend.  A friend borrowed my Chaos minis while hers are in production, and my buddy brought his Guard to play.  I ran my Eldar.

In the end the Chaos had a points lead, but an Imperial Guard sweeping was inevitable.  Excellent game, and the token system continues to shine.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Games!: Warhammer 40K, 8th Edition (Token Activation)

Had a fun 1250 point game of 8th edition 40K --- again using our token activation.  We built armies unseen, showed up - set up on the table, and then used the Open War deck for deployment, and a Twist.  The Twist had a massive impact on the whole game.

The Twist was Pitch Black, and for the full three turns on the game, no one could cast or shoot more than 12".  We failed two rolls to increase this distance as the turns rolled we had a crazy game of running headfirst into each other - tanks bumping into each other in the dark.