Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Eldar Pirate Support (Vyper)

Decided to do up some of my future vehicles, weapon platforms and Eldar to go with the Pirate scheme I did on some of my figures earlier.  This will be a webway portal based force, so no heavy tanks or dreadnoughts.  It'll also give me a small side-force to use for story and narrative purposes - and the models will allow me to go into narrative games line Inquisimunda and I'll probably use them for Shadow War Armageddon if I get back into that at any point.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Warhammer 40K 8th Edition: Blank Data Slates (and Rending Pony)

Cleaning up some templates for creating your own units/vehicles in Warhammer 40K 8th ed.

These icons are used to delineate battlefield roles for the unit - PNG file w/ no background for easy placement. 
Best suited for larger squads with some weapon options.

Suitable for a large vehicle or creature which degrades when wounded.

 Useful for a small single-type unit or squad.

Useful for a simpler character data slate.

After making some templates someone asked for here ya go.

Games! Warhammer 40K 2nd Edition

Had the great pleasure of rolling up to Charlotte this past weekend to see a friend of mine and get some games in.  We played Warhammer 40K, 2nd Edition.  We're still in the process of revising/editing some of the rules for stream-lining and increased playability.

I'll have a bunch more pictures ready when my friend sends me her stash.  I only snapped a few before the two games.  In both cases my Yderis Eldar faced off with the Tyranids.

The first game is set up!
A Shining Spear aims for the Hive Tyrant (failing miserably!)
 Having failed the first game, the Yderis Eldar set up to defend a trio of Farseers and Warlocks inside the main structure - busy trying to break through the null cloud of the Tyranids swarm --- hoping to get a message through to the Craftworld ships in the system.
Maugan Ra leads the defense in aid to the Craftworld.
Dire Avengers and Dark Reapers dig in for the waves of the Tyranid assault.
Fire Dragons prepare to repel the Tyranid horde.
Wayward Eldar Pirates return to aid in their moment of need.  Guardian grav batteries prepare for combat.
 Turn five of seven, the Tyranids break into the ritual, attacking the Warlocks and Farseer

As the Eldar defense crumbles, Dire Avengers run into the aid the Farseer as the Warlocks are consumed.
I lost my first game handily.  The second game came down to the very last activation on turn seven, where I managed to avoid being blasted into cinders by the Carnifex's bio-plasma (my opponent rolled a '1' sparing me!).  It was a "victory" but the Farseer would have been consumed shortly after - the message finally sent!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

A different sort of plague...

I ended up with an odd white based scheme for my plague marines (kit-bashed from various parts).  Not overly pleased with them, but I'll cope.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Gladiator Dice

Just posting this up so I can link the photo to a forum - some custom dice I made for playtesting a buddy's rather excellent Gladiator game.