Saturday, November 1, 2014

Henchmen and a Hiatus.

So, I've been slowly picking away at some additional Otherworld henchmen figures, some additional dungeon dressing, and a small fury critter named Gurgi (from the Chronicles of Prydain books).

Some more Thomarillion stuff painted up.
 Role-call for the newly painted.

 This was a Wyrd Miniatures figure used for a Gurgi model - shipped to me by a kind fellow in Germany when I was seeking a suitable mini!

 Henchman #1 - the lantern bearer.  Otherworld Minis.

 Henchman #2 - bag bearer.  He had rather thick dip when dunked so he didn't fare quite so well.  I may eventually go and touch him up - maybe not.

Henchman #3 - I call him the "lootsman".
 Henchman #4 - The scribe, map-maker etc.

I'll be departing for a couple of months for a job-related thing, so this blog will be slow going.  It'll be some time early in 2015 before I can return to it, or indeed, any hobby projects.  Thanks for following.  I have heaps of stuff to do starting next year so this is not the end, just a break while I enjoy the comforts of travel for nigh on 10 weeks...(groan)