Wednesday, March 26, 2014

About me...

I'm a thirty-something gamer.  My interests lie mainly in small skirmish miniature wargames.  I love role-playing games (rarely have a group available) and enjoy PC gaming, and even the occasional board game.  I run TurnStyle Games which is my own little indie game design company.  I may occasionally toss a link up on here.

I started gaming back when I was about 10 buying up some RPG books at the local used bookstore and pretending I knew what I was doing.  My start with miniatures came like most my age - Hero Quest, and shortly after, Battlemasters.  Then, like many people my age I entered the "dark age" of gaming: Games Workshop.

I started in 2nd Edition Warhammer 40K.  I enjoyed it for a time, and really enjoyed some of GW's stellar projects of the time: Necromunda, Mordheim, Warhammer Quest.  I lingered about until a couple years ago, finally ditching all of my GW games.  I've never been a happier gamer!  I still use a couple of GW miniatures, but I was shone the light by some buddies and enjoy normal gaming outside of "the hobby" now.

This blog will follow my current projects: Old West stuff for my game "Shoot N' Skedaddle", and an upcoming dungeon crawl project.  I also work on gladiators for an upcoming game by a friend of mine, called Blood on the Sands.

That's it, hope you enjoy the occasional read!