Saturday, May 20, 2017

Chaos Marines

The first group of marines for my 2nd ed. Chaos Space Marine force.  These will be in support of Nurgle and are thus painted to match.  A mix of MkIII/MkIV and some Vanguard heads w/ Chaos Backpacks.  Sadly they're not quite as vibrant looking as these pics!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Problem: You wish to build some Rhinos and Predators for an upcoming Chaos army (Nurgle themed).  Sadly you don't like current Rhinos or Predators...and you can't find the old ones - and they're a bit small. 

Solution?  Find a couple of images on the internet and become inspired.  I give you...the Rhino Russ (actually there are two of them).

 The Predator version using magnetized Sponsons and the turret deck plate (simply placed on the model) w/ aftermarket "Deimos" style turret and magnetized autocannon.
 Body consists of a Rhino chassis trimmed down...crammed between Leman Russ tracks and then the back end is made from card/plastic/bits to fill it out.
 Aftermarket resin exhaust stacks on the back sides.
 The rear Rhino gate is kept...even on the Predator (sadly!)
 Sponson heavy bolters will be magnetized or glued in (I may just make spare sponsons instead)
 The Rhino version features the basic Rhino deck plate and simple hatches - I only have one pair of hatches at the moment - more on the way.  Note that without additional vehicle wargear, the Predator will not have the twin-linke bolters on its hatches.
 I find this "version" matches marines a good bit better - and is very Horus Heresy era looking - more robust and brutal.
 The weathering is sloppy at best but I've never painted tanks mostly hand-painted scratches with some additional foam slaps.
Planning to have a third one sometime soon - I will do a full "how to" build post now that I know it works and is possible.

Monday, May 15, 2017

More dungeon crawl reinforcements.

Finishing up a bunch of random minis I've had laying around.  I was also waiting on a new can of dip, so I put a bunch of random stuff together at the last minute.

There is a Reaper "Estra, the Iconic Spiritualist" who will play the role of hag/crone/witch for dungeon crawls and will serve as a Witch for Mordheim.  The dwarfs will serve as...dwarfs.  The snake?  Well, it's from Conan the board game...and who doesn't want to have a huge snake on hand?

Bearing the Plague

As part of my upcoming 2nd ed. Death Guard-inspired Chaos Army for 40K I decided to pick up the first daemons I've ever owned.  Likely to be supported by an eventual Great Unclean One.

Here are 20 Plaguebearers done up very quickly today - simple spray + dip method.  This is a lovely model kit with a nice variation and very easy to paint simply for the desired effect.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Rifts Board Game Kickstarter - Buyer Beware

Well, consider this a kind of public service announcement.

Today, the Rifts Board Game Kickstarter began:

Like many teens in the 90's I played a variety of role-playing games, including cutting my teeth with Palladium Book's TMNT and Other Strangeness, and Robotech (my long-time favourite IP).

Siembeda and crew provided a clunky rule-set, but buried within were some neat and interesting worlds and IPs.  Rifts came out a bit later to much fan-fare and garnered quite a large following.  Palladium was never a very progressive company, leaving Robotech as an IP to flounder in the US market for decades (basically putting a stranglehold on it in the US - limiting it to a mediocre role-playing game).

Several years ago Palladium launched a Kickstarter for Robotech as a new type of miniatures game.  I risked buying in, and have regretted it ever since.  As a heads up for people looking at Rifts, please be aware of the following:

  • Robotech Kickstarter successfully funded with $1+ million.
  • First wave of miniatures shipped (albeit late).
  • Second wave (50-60% of the KS content) has never's been 3-4 years at this point.
  • Kevin Siembeda has been making hollow promises in vague emails, continuing to develop and create excuses with no progress made (at all) toward producing the final materials or delivering them.
  • An individual named Carmen (having previously worked with Palladium) sought some rights to produce a Rifts board game (the one in question)
  • This individual attempted to quasi-blackmail Robotech backers, attempting to stave off any future repercussions by this fanbase (based around the semi-fraudulent activity of Siembeda etc.)
  • Internet mayhem ensued and Carmen disappeared.
  • Palladium stated that Carmen had attempted suicide due to mental duress caused by the internet discussions/arguments based around his behavior/communication/antics etc.
  • The majority of this material was scrubbed from the KS comments section and users were banned, etc.
Then this Kickstarter showed up.  It is inextricably linked with Palladium/Siembeda and a questionable third party (Carmen, or not?).  People have already been banned on Kickstarter for bringing up this information on the current KS page for this game.

TL:DR Version: Avoid this Kickstarter like the plague if you don't want to get involved with a gigantic nonsensical amount of drama and nonsense - with a questionable company, questionable IP and even more questionable people involved.

Buyer beware.  If you invest in this, please be careful. You may lose your money.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Game Weekend: Mordheim, and Shadow War Armageddon

Got in several games this weekend.  Four games of Mordheim and one game of SWA (followed by some role-playing w/ Savage Worlds).

 Table set-up for a playtest using some ad hoc Monster rules...worked "okay"
 Table set up for the "Occupy" scenario for Mordheim
 Table set up for the Street Fight scenario - each warband must exit the opposing street end
 A glance down the street of doom!
 The street from the other side!
 The street table.
 A three way game of Shadow War Armageddon - overall it really paled in comparison to having just played Mordheim (super "simple" by comparison)
 The wagon of "out of action" models in the first Undead were slaughtered
Table set up for a generic Wyrdstone Hunt

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Old West Redux!

So, after rebasing all of my Old West miniatures I decided to rebase all of my terrain pieces, and touch a bunch of them up.  I went for a more neutral basing scheme (with the hopes of sneaking this stuff into my Mordheim tables where necessary).  I also painted all of my wagons/sheds/etc. from 4Ground to a more realistic worn-grey wood.  Not in love with the final colours, but they don't look terrible - once again they'll fit with my Mordheim stuff and the Old West.

Riderless horses were likewise rebased to match the footborne models.  2017's Old West goal is for 10-15 mounted characters fully painted.

 Old West "detritus" or scatter terrain.  Predominantly Ainsty Casting resin on various sized Renedra bases.
 Perry US Cavalry horses used for empty/riderless mounts/horses.  Fantastic horses, if a bit...dynamic for standing horses.
4Ground wagons, sheds, outhouses and cart...repainted.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Shadow War Armageddon Roster Sheet (Revised!)

Just whipped this up for the people who don't have access to a roster sheet.  Intended for back-to-front printing.

EDIT: Shortly after releasing the first one I put some more time and effort into a newer advantage of it!

Shadow War: Armageddon Roster Sheet (Download)

For those with colour printers I've added a more colourful version (to help delineate between characters) w/ experience points removed from the Leader's entry as well.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Playtesting the beast.

Played a test game while working on the mechanics of the Stir Monster for didn't end particularly well for my Undead warband...

 The warband approached the game via three launches...
 The Zombies inability to run made them easy pickings one the beast surfaced.
 The beast emerged as a Zombie attempted to spirit away a chunk of precious Wyrdstone.
 The warband, shortly before being devoured.
Before the beast appeared the warband moved quickly through the ruins, grabbing up wyrdstone...

Saturday, April 8, 2017

It came from the River Stir...

Spurred on by the idea of getting to play some Mordheim in the next week or two I put together and painted the large Thaug miniature from Conan and used all of the tentacles provided with the Kickstarter pledge to make a giant waterborne beastie.

One of the pictures shows a large 28mm (32mm) figure from Reaper for scale.  The tentacles have been clipped off bases and mounted on clear acrylic (!).  I normally don't like acrylic bases - find them far too shiny and obvious when used on normal boards...but for the tentacles which may be over water or land, etc. I think it was the right choice.

I'm doing up rules for the creature for Mordheim (which will probably translate perfectly to Necromunda if needed).  Will post that when I get around to finishing it.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Painting doldrums...

I've been in a rut for a few weeks, trying to paint.  Nothing I've painted is well done, and I've stripped numerous models (some more than once!) trying to rekindle some kind of enthusiasm.  I've been in the mood to paint, but the results just aren't coming together - perhaps I'm not overly inspired by the models...not sure.

I almost didn't post these because they're so mediocre, but models are models.

An inquisitor in terminator armour - made from a Librarian body and some bits I had laying around.  Armed with a plasma gun (possibly used as the Wargear Card "Plasma Blaster" when needed)

Various elements allowing me to run an Undead warband in Mordheim (for which I built the terrain the previous post).  A necromancer, some more zombies/ghouls, some hyenas from the Conan boxed game to serve as dread wolves (awful sculpts unfortunately), and some dregs assembled from Frostgrave cultist bits and other stuff.