Friday, March 25, 2016

Kickstarter: Firelock Games "Blood and Plunder"

I stumbled upon this game in a video from Beasts of War a couple of weeks back.  It's an upcoming late-17th century pirate game, called "Blood and Plunder" by Firelock Games out of Florida, USA.

Tease photo from "Blood and Plunder"

I decided to post this up because it looks like a darn good swing at the pirate genre.  Based in the earlier part of the "Gold Era of Piracy", the game is aiming for extended historical accuracy while being fun/quick/intuitive.
I'll be keeping an eye out for the game, and here is an article from Beasts of War which provides some simple explanations of the mechanics etc.  It seems they've acquired professional help from historians who specialize in the age.  They'll be doing a line of miniatures and the chief designer stated they're doing at least a couple of resin ships.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

More Mentor characters.

I knocked out a few characters assembled from random plastics I'd picked up on ebay.  One is a Librarian (opted for blue robes instead of armor, deal with it!) and I fashioned a kit-bashed Techmarine from a terminator, using some random robot bits and some arms from some Dust Tactics suits I had laying around.

Opted to skip the force weapon piece on this guy - preferred a simple chainsword.


As with my other terminator bashes this is a modern torso/legs, Cataphractii arms and shoulders, a MkIV helmet (from a devastator), and some bits from a couple of Dust Tactics walkers I had laying around.  Armed with a chain fist and a combi-weapon (flamer/bolter).  As I won't be playing 40K the equipment is not important.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ermergerd, Werhermmer Qwerst!

So, a few weeks ago my buddies and I decided to whip out the old copy of Warhammer Quest my friend had shoved under his gaming table.

Bear in mind, I hadn't played this since 1995-1996...though it is my all-time favourite Games Workshop product.  I was excited to say the least.  We met up yesterday for a couple of games.

Prior to the games, I had decided immediately I would resume my role as the Trollslayer, the only character pack I bought in high school. I secretly built and painted up a Trollslayer using an Avatars of War plastic box I had sitting in a bin. I wanted to go with something unique, something very different from the angry-Scottish red-mohawked Trollslayers of the Warhammer world.

This is the result!

Not your normal looking Trollslayer...

Below is a photo I took during one of our games - the "yep, this is Warhammer Quest" moment of the day.  We tried two starting adventure groups, both of which were slain/killed/useless.  We'll try again later this week I hope!

Night Goblin archers forced us to draw another card...a trap...which in turn added another event...a Minotaur, who in turn forced us to draw another card, more orcs! 

Before heading out, I was bemoaning my lack of fantasy miniatures (as I'd got the dander up to paint some!) and my buddy tossed me a new-in-blist Pit Fighter from 1995!  I don't think I've painted a 21 year old miniature before.
I hope  I've done him justice, as I'm definitely on the lower end of skill for the fellas in my gaming group.  I hope it's worthwhile and will see much bloodshed in the future!  Here is the wildly uncomfortably dressed Pit Fighter! 

The base was left undone so my buddy can paint it up to his other stuff.  I don't love the figure but the end result was better than I had hoped I could do.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More marines!

I finished up seven more jump marines for my force.  This was limited by the 12 studded shoulder pads I had available and a similar number of beakie helmets.  I figured of all the forces, assault marines flying through the air deserved the sleeker helmets etc.  Ground marines will share some regular MkIV stuff.

My force now consists of two offices (terminator and techno-chaplain) and the dozen jump marines.  I'll probably add another squad or two of normal guys and devastators and a few more characters.  I've been perusing online for cheap rhinos as I wouldn't mind having a few vehicles - hoping for some old school ones.

New recruits - seven more jump marines.  Armed with a mix bolters, close combat weapons and special weapons.

The combined jump force.

Lieutenant Dan got hisself some new legs! (the others were the subject of a dip accident where it pooled horribly overnight while drying, so I broke the torso off and placed it on some newer legs!)

The techno-chaplain, terminator officer alongside one of the sergeants.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Space Marine "Techno Chaplain"?

I took the chaplain figure from the 30K Betrayal at Calth box and put him together (again using a Mechanicus head).  It came out okay, though I'm not in love with the model - a bit busy compared with the other marines.

Nothing too fancy, I "thinned" the dip...and this time it came up a little too runny!

Here is a teaser for another model I'm working on (my goal is to assemble a small Space Marine force which is suitable for play with any small sci-fi skirmish game.  Likely end up with a few squads and some characters, a vehicle or two).

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New inhabitants for Drake's Branch!

Drake's Branch is the name of my fictional New Mexico town where I play my games of Shoot N' Skedaddle.

After a long hiatus, I've added a few new figures (I'll be phasing out older, crappier figures as I replace them).

 A new Knuckleduster 32mm digital sculpt - these are the finest metal miniatures I've received from any manufacturer...absolutely great!

 Another Knuckleduster 32mm - this time a Pinkerton with a sawed off shotgun.

A third 32mm Knuckleduster.  Their current range mirrors the characters from the wonderful movie Tombstone.  I've chosen not to mirror their clothing/paint schemes, so the characters will be more versatile --- the above figure is one of the Clanton brothers I believe.

A Conquest Plains Indian - wonderful figures.

Another Plains Indian by Conquest miniature (now sold under Warlord Games I believe)

I've had a "Soldier" character in Shoot N' Skedaddle since the beginning...been lazy about painting up an actual figure till now!  One of Great Escape Games U.S. Cavalry figures.

And the assembled portion of the new cast...also my first time using 25mm rounds on the Renedra bases as well --- added grass tufts from Army Painter. So far, so good!