Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More marines!

I finished up seven more jump marines for my force.  This was limited by the 12 studded shoulder pads I had available and a similar number of beakie helmets.  I figured of all the forces, assault marines flying through the air deserved the sleeker helmets etc.  Ground marines will share some regular MkIV stuff.

My force now consists of two offices (terminator and techno-chaplain) and the dozen jump marines.  I'll probably add another squad or two of normal guys and devastators and a few more characters.  I've been perusing online for cheap rhinos as I wouldn't mind having a few vehicles - hoping for some old school ones.

New recruits - seven more jump marines.  Armed with a mix bolters, close combat weapons and special weapons.

The combined jump force.

Lieutenant Dan got hisself some new legs! (the others were the subject of a dip accident where it pooled horribly overnight while drying, so I broke the torso off and placed it on some newer legs!)

The techno-chaplain, terminator officer alongside one of the sergeants.

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