Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New inhabitants for Drake's Branch!

Drake's Branch is the name of my fictional New Mexico town where I play my games of Shoot N' Skedaddle.

After a long hiatus, I've added a few new figures (I'll be phasing out older, crappier figures as I replace them).

 A new Knuckleduster 32mm digital sculpt - these are the finest metal miniatures I've received from any manufacturer...absolutely great!

 Another Knuckleduster 32mm - this time a Pinkerton with a sawed off shotgun.

A third 32mm Knuckleduster.  Their current range mirrors the characters from the wonderful movie Tombstone.  I've chosen not to mirror their clothing/paint schemes, so the characters will be more versatile --- the above figure is one of the Clanton brothers I believe.

A Conquest Plains Indian - wonderful figures.

Another Plains Indian by Conquest miniature (now sold under Warlord Games I believe)

I've had a "Soldier" character in Shoot N' Skedaddle since the beginning...been lazy about painting up an actual figure till now!  One of Great Escape Games U.S. Cavalry figures.

And the assembled portion of the new cast...also my first time using 25mm rounds on the Renedra bases as well --- added grass tufts from Army Painter. So far, so good!

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