Thursday, March 24, 2016

More Mentor characters.

I knocked out a few characters assembled from random plastics I'd picked up on ebay.  One is a Librarian (opted for blue robes instead of armor, deal with it!) and I fashioned a kit-bashed Techmarine from a terminator, using some random robot bits and some arms from some Dust Tactics suits I had laying around.

Opted to skip the force weapon piece on this guy - preferred a simple chainsword.


As with my other terminator bashes this is a modern torso/legs, Cataphractii arms and shoulders, a MkIV helmet (from a devastator), and some bits from a couple of Dust Tactics walkers I had laying around.  Armed with a chain fist and a combi-weapon (flamer/bolter).  As I won't be playing 40K the equipment is not important.

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