Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ermergerd, Werhermmer Qwerst!

So, a few weeks ago my buddies and I decided to whip out the old copy of Warhammer Quest my friend had shoved under his gaming table.

Bear in mind, I hadn't played this since 1995-1996...though it is my all-time favourite Games Workshop product.  I was excited to say the least.  We met up yesterday for a couple of games.

Prior to the games, I had decided immediately I would resume my role as the Trollslayer, the only character pack I bought in high school. I secretly built and painted up a Trollslayer using an Avatars of War plastic box I had sitting in a bin. I wanted to go with something unique, something very different from the angry-Scottish red-mohawked Trollslayers of the Warhammer world.

This is the result!

Not your normal looking Trollslayer...

Below is a photo I took during one of our games - the "yep, this is Warhammer Quest" moment of the day.  We tried two starting adventure groups, both of which were slain/killed/useless.  We'll try again later this week I hope!

Night Goblin archers forced us to draw another card...a trap...which in turn added another event...a Minotaur, who in turn forced us to draw another card, more orcs! 

Before heading out, I was bemoaning my lack of fantasy miniatures (as I'd got the dander up to paint some!) and my buddy tossed me a new-in-blist Pit Fighter from 1995!  I don't think I've painted a 21 year old miniature before.
I hope  I've done him justice, as I'm definitely on the lower end of skill for the fellas in my gaming group.  I hope it's worthwhile and will see much bloodshed in the future!  Here is the wildly uncomfortably dressed Pit Fighter! 

The base was left undone so my buddy can paint it up to his other stuff.  I don't love the figure but the end result was better than I had hoped I could do.

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