Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Yderis Dice Heyo!

Received some custom Chessex 16mm D6 dice w/ my invented "Yderis Craftworld" rune carved into the '6' face of each die.  I have ordered custom Chessex dice before and they've always been pretty good to deal with.  I placed an order this morning for a set of dice to go with my Chaos models.  I love having silly peripheral gaming aids like this - adds to the aesthetic and fun.

Tank disaster...and the biggun!

So, I've been wanting to increase the weathering/dirt on my tanks...so I attacked them with the Army Painter dip and a brush.  Big mistake.  The dip had started to thicken a bit since I bought it, meaning I've been left with some streaking visible after "washing" the tanks heavily.

I've added some insignia and increased the foam stippling. Overall I'm a little miffed, but they're still serviceable.  I attacked some areas with mineral spirits in the hope of saving them, but I failed miserably.

I have added to the collection some bits magnetized to give me a Vindicator stand-in for my Chaos force.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Naughty lil' Techmarine.

What do you get when a techmarine trained by the mechanicum goes to serve with a wayward Chaos marine force?  A warpsmith I suppose (I think that's what they call them now).One of my favourite old metal figures- always loved this techmarine. Happy to have an excuse to use him.  Will run him as some kind of champion in 2nd ed.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Chaotic Reinforcement

Finished up a dreadnought for the Chaos forces (no, I won't call it the stupid "Hellbrute" name or whatever).  Also speed painted 10 cultists and was pleased with the result.  Slowly adding a few options to my force.

Will be doing some more weapons/arms for the dreadnought in the future.

Almost forgot!  I picked up some old metal minis off eBay.  The only one I wanted was my favourite Techmarine model ever done by GW (seemed to sneak by under the radar on eBay somehow)

I'll be adding him to the Chaos force - either as a simple Warlord/Champion for 2nd (Chaos didn't have techmarines of any sort in 2nd) and a "Warpsmith" or whatever for 8th ed. if I decide to play more of it.  These are all being stripped down as we speak!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Games! Warhammer 40K 8th Edition.

Well, on a lark I went and played a game of the new 40K.

Background: I played 2nd ed. 40K in high school and played a little bit of 3rd/4th edition before quitting because I lost interest in the game's mechanics (not the fluff, but the rules didn't intrigue me at all).

Fast forward around 12-14 years and while I still play a modified version of 2nd, I decided to try 8th since it's the first major change since the change from 2nd to 3rd (all of the subsequent versions were build on the "bones" of 3rd ed...which sucked.

Shocking development?  I enjoyed it! (sorry, crap photos)

Why did I enjoy it?  I played a guy who had a similar attitude toward the game - I made up a simple/fun scenario and we didn't get overzealous with any nonsense or rules lawyering - we just played the game and had a good time.  A nice change.

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Fuzzy Sorcerer

Well...I kitbashed a sorcerer for my Chaos force today, and sadly because of the humidity he fuzzed up a good bit when I hit him with the matte spray.  I managed to touch up a few pieces, but I'll try to fix him later.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Chaos reinforcements!

Finished up five more marines, and one Chaos Lord for my 2nd ed (possibly 8th ed.) 40K Chaos force.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Asurmen...the jawless.

Finished Asurmen - and removed his jaw in the process.  I chopped out his ugly facemask, and filled it with putty.  The putty shrunk after drying and I ended up with a bit of a concave face.  Regardless, he'll do service as a Dire Avenger exarch or actual Phoenix Lord.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Tarnished Spears

I attempted to mash together some old metal Shining Spear bits with the new Jetbikes and rider's legs...it was not really successful.  You'll note none of the riders are actually grabbing the handlebars and they've got some weird ab-exercises going on.  Regardless I like the colour scheme and I'll keep them around unless I can sell them off and replace them eventually.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fuggin' Fuegan.

So, I almost didn't bother posting this...because seethance.

This is my third alternate-colour scheme Phoenix Lord.  I don't love it, but this is the first attempt of three that I don't hate.  I'm just going to leave it and carry on.