Sunday, June 25, 2017

Chaotic Reinforcement

Finished up a dreadnought for the Chaos forces (no, I won't call it the stupid "Hellbrute" name or whatever).  Also speed painted 10 cultists and was pleased with the result.  Slowly adding a few options to my force.

Will be doing some more weapons/arms for the dreadnought in the future.

Almost forgot!  I picked up some old metal minis off eBay.  The only one I wanted was my favourite Techmarine model ever done by GW (seemed to sneak by under the radar on eBay somehow)

I'll be adding him to the Chaos force - either as a simple Warlord/Champion for 2nd (Chaos didn't have techmarines of any sort in 2nd) and a "Warpsmith" or whatever for 8th ed. if I decide to play more of it.  These are all being stripped down as we speak!

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