Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Some works in progress and more pics.

Here are some more photos of the dungeon beasties that are in progress.

Unable to stomach the prices for the beautiful Otherworld Miniatures bugbears I decided to gather a bunch of D&D prepaints and see if I could salvage them into something a bit nicer.  They've been equipped with new weapons and shields, removed from their bases and re-based.

Another late addition.
While the prepaints start off rather...underwhelming.  With a little paint, a nice base, and some minor adjustment to weapons and equipment, they can become very reasonable as seen below:

   A couple of people had asked me about the men-at-arms I posted in my first post.  They are Gripping Beast Hirdmen mixed with a box of Fireforge Crusader knights on foot.  Luckily the FF/GB stuff is literally plug-n-play.  Identical scale, shape, arm mounts etc.  In the future I may grab some GB Arab archers, some FF mongols, some more crusaders etc.  I suspect combing a half dozen boxes you could creat some really genuinely cool stuff.

I really like the end result of combing the crusader and viking bits.  The figures end up being quite historical looking with minor differences.  These kind of mash-ups would work well in a near-historical setting like Game of Thrones etc. 

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  1. Looking good so far.

    Very interested in how the game turns out.