Friday, June 6, 2014

Drake's Branch gets some new terrain.

So, for those of you who followed my development of Shoot N' Skedaddle you'll know my 'town" is Drake's Branch, New Mexico.

While my Old West project was nearly complete a year or so ago, I'm never far from adding the occasional detail.  Well boredom and spare time caught up with me the past few evenings so I decided to get rid of a bunch of stuff I had sitting around.

I cracked open the 4Ground fencing and built several enclosures.  Then I had enough spare to build one under construction (some added cover).  Then I found a dozen plastic tree armatures and some spare lichen so I threw together five more tree-bases.  I hope to have enough terrain to run a wilderness game and cover a 6'x4' table now.

Then as I finished them I was fiddling with a spare wagon wheel I had in my palm.  I immediately started sawing, cutting, and gluing...and next thing I knew I had a windmill put together.  This will help with the eventual ranch setting I'd like to put together.  It's a pit...finnicky and in retrospect I did it wrong (cut the pipe in two, instead of using a single pipe).

Oh well, more terrain.  With the new allotment some of my old tired stuff shall be retired to the waste bin.

 New terrain!

Three fenced enclosures, each with a different shape, and a gate/door.
The last section under construction...I didn't have enough fence left and I had a pile of useless bits which had been sitting around in my bin for a while, so I glue them all to the board and said "screw it". 
Scratchbuilt windmill.  Total time: about 40 minutes from thought to final product (well, sans painting).  If it survives being transported to a game, should allow a decent place to shoot from.

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