Friday, October 7, 2016

Save the Craftworld Update

So, here is the current status of the Yredis Craftworld.

It's missing one or two figures (finishing up touches on a final Dark Reaper and Maugan Ra didn't make the photo shoot).  I did up an actual army list for 2nd edition Eldar this morning, and here is the result:

Army Size: 5436 Points

Composition: HQ (15%), Troops (52%), Support (27%), and Special Characters (6%).

This includes wargear for all the units.  Not much in the way of wargear really, but it's all in there.  Many more units/figures to come, so this army may actually hit somewhere north of 6500-7000 points when complete.  


  1. That points value dives a real sense of the model inflation/points shrink that has occurred over the years. Any idea what the points would be for this army in the current edition?

  2. No idea, but I'd guess around 1500 points! :D The game has definitely become nothing more than a way to sell a crap-load of plastic models. Way more models on the table, and waaay more ridiculous ways to kill them. I admit I don't play any kind of modern 40K but when I watch the occasional battle report I question the point of the game when everything is wiped off the table by 7-10" templates with no armour saves, or units in close combat rolling 20-30-40 attacks. The aim now seems to be a heck of a lot of models on the table...all wiped out within 60-90 minutes. I'll ask someone on a forum to do up the points value for 7th ed, just for curiosity's sake.