Sunday, March 12, 2017

Games: 40K 2nd Edition

I've been silent for a while here because I've actually been working on a lot of peripheral stuff for gaming - and I've been working on a huge terrain project which will show up here shortly!

I did sneak in three games of 2nd edition Warhammer 40K (we're working on a revised version) a couple weekends ago.  Two games against Tyranids and one against Chaos Space Marines (lost all three!).  It was fun and we hammered through most of the rules revisions we wanted to try.


  1. Wow. Really gives you a sense of the inflation that has happened for number of figs on the table in later editions. This seems positively reasonable with great gaps between squads.

    1. Oh, indeed. We only played 1250-1500 pts. (so a good "evening game" of 2000-2500 could be much larger). A space marine force is around 25-30 figures at that scale. I think both of our armies had between 7-10 "units" which includes characters/vehicles/squads etc. While I have 7,000+ points of Eldar it'd only be maybe 2500 pts. of current 40K. However, units are vastly more survivable in this game without 10" pie plates being thrown around.