Thursday, February 13, 2020

Dinner & Dungeons

Having been sick for nearly two weeks...which has absolutely murdered my hobby progress, I was finally able to have some friends over last night for some chiney foo and some dungeoneering.

Good game, 2/5 of our party survived...and I ended up with a page full of notes for edits/changes, which means it was a great playtest overall.

 The mess after the game...
 The dungeon build - made quickly and sadly I used very few of the my new pieces!
 At the end of the quest, the Elf, Wizard and the Mute Savage prepare to simply run for an exit...
 They make a run for the staircase...but zombies pile out of the darkness to stop them!  (Yes, some skeletons are standing in for additional zombies...)
 In the chamber behind the fleeing heroes, the Barbarian and Thief are murdered when they accidentally free the Giant.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.
The Mute Savage and the Elf escape.  The Wizard...rolls three '1's and falls flat on her face.  She is quickly devoured by five zombies on the staircase, a mere TWO SPACES from exiting the dungeon...


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