Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Robotech: Quel-Quallie Zentraedi Ship

While pursuing my original 1/200 scale Robotech project I collected this 1/720 scale Quel-Quallie (Theater Scout) ship by IMAI.  It was a rather poor model kit - thin, brittle plastic with questionable molds along the edges etc. and not much detail to speak know the kind of kit which comes with decals to give you the illusion of detail instead of having it modeled?

The end result turned out pretty good, considering the quality of the kit.  No major modifications and I did not include the big radar cluster which is optional under the craft.  The craft is very brittle and I suspect I'll be repairing the legs sooner rather than later.

Because I assembled the kit without leaving room for a base or mount, I ended up using magnets.  The post is a chopped down paintbrush with a .25" super magnet attached.  I simply drop a magnet into the ship (between the engines) and roll it around until it sticks.  This lets me pivot and "pose" the ship easier at angles.  Also it will make it easier to transport.  Overall I'm happy with the result.

I hope it looks reasonable on a board filled with 1/285th Robotech miniatures though!

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