Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A minotaur and some furniture...

 So, just a quick update on the continual dungeon push.  Things are slowing down as I've now finished over 100 miniatures for the dungeon-crawl.  I have knocked out some room furnishings, and a pre-paint Minotaur (re-based, re-armed, and re-painted as usual).  This was an okay miniature but the detail was unfortunately very soft.  The end result is rather "meh".  But he looks better at table-height than he does in pictures so I can't complain.

Another pre-paint monster saved from its terrible factory paintjob!
A bendy and rather unattractive axe was replaced by a decent metal sword.
A smattering of pieces from Thomarillion have been painted up to spruce up the dungeon.

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