Sunday, August 31, 2014

Owl Bears, Skeletons etc.

So I painted up a couple of odd figures.  One is a kit-bashed "Skeleton King" of some sort.  He'll lead the skeletons when needed.  the other is a very...questionable D&D pre-paint Owl Bear.  I wasn't happy at all with the end result, but it's going to hang around until I paint up another one.

Skeleton King and Owl Bear

I also completed a number of terrain pieces (some of which came out really dark in the photos despite similar lighting...).  I did up three small wall sections (to serve as trap doors or secret walls).

Standing walls.

Some treasure piles from Thomarillion

Some piles of bones (for use in a variety of games - may do six more piles...)

Bone piles were simple 25mm bases with some Wargames Factory skeletons.

Some trap doors from Thomarillion as well - again on 25mm bases.

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