Monday, August 11, 2014

TSG swag and some test cards!

So, the less-then-awesome post.  I received a simple batch of velcro patches I had done up for my small game company, TurnStyle Games.  Turned out nice, and will get slapped on my bags and jackets.

Gaming morale patches!?  Who knew.
Also received some test-cards from The Gamecrafter for a future dungeon crawl project.  Rules are in...some kind of progress.  But while I'm hatching those out I'm doing art (yay for self-taught photoshop...) for the cards so they'll be ready when I figure it all out.
 Deck backs for the proposed game...
Some spell tests and some basic encounter tests - also some fonts are being tested on the left bottom card.  Seeing them in the flesh lets me edit colours, brightness, size of items, fonts etc.

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