Friday, August 22, 2014

Terrible Wyverns

So I ordered a pair of Wyverns from the Pathfinder pre-painted range.  I intended to have these assembled as Gwythaints from The Chronicles of Prydrain series and wyverns for a dungeon crawl.  (I plan on trying to build most of the CoP characters just for fun).

When these showed up I was severely disappointed.  The sculpts were mediocre and the paint on these was super thick and chunky - plastery almost.  Really miserable.  I ended up using several acetone dips and scrubs just to get most of the paint off.

In the end I had two mediocre miniatures so I set about painting them.

 In the painful process of stripping the miserable paint...

 Mounted on 40mm renedra bases and bricks/ballast applied.

Primed up and ready for paint.

Painted and ready for dip...

 Dipped and finished...they didn't turn out great, but are usable.

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