Friday, August 1, 2014

More dungeon heroes and beasties!

After tiring myself out on painting too many miniatures I took a lengthy break.  Then I tackled the boring Gladiator slaves, and finally moved on to the last of my dungeon miniatures.  I have nothing else to paint except a few Otherworld figures.  I have some more stuff on the way.

 Three new adventurers (will be used as NPCs or baddies as well...) an Otherworld miniature, a Reaper miniature, and a plastic kit bash (again Viking/Crusader mix).
 A Reaper Bones stone/rock golem.  The eyes stand out in this picture but are far less noticeable in person.  He's been painted using the same colours I used for my DF kickstarter gametiles - added some washes and some green/brown turf to break up the monotony.
 Bones griffin.  Wasn't a fan of painting this (I hate feathers and fur).  However it ended up perfectly useable and I'm glad it's out of the way.  I will point out also that using Army Painter black primer has worked 100% perfect on my Bones miniatures with no pre-washing and no issues so far.
 I swapped the head on this fella, and that's why he's wearing a double chain-mail hood! (whoops).  I hated the 12-year-old-in-armour look of the original head.
 My favourite of the batch.  I wasn't overwhelmed by this figure when I purchased it, but I really love the way it turned out.   And I assure you, it's more pleasant in person. (and at 2-3' distance!).  He's a huge brute of figure, more 35mm than 28mm but he'll make an excellent bodyguard or adventurer.
 Plastic kitbash turned out fine.  Generic adventuring knight look.  Again this is Gripping Beast plastic Hirdmen stuff with Fireforge Crusaders bits tossed together.  It creates a very convincing "fantasy" medieval look.
The latest additions - as usual the normal minis are on 25mm Renedra rounds, and the larger beasties are on 40mm Renedra rounds.

That wraps up all of my primed and assembled figures.  Next on the list is a batch of 9 lizardmen in the mail right now.  I think after them I'll be moving onto dungeon dressings (terrain).  Thanks for looking!  I hope the next update doesn't take two months!

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