Friday, July 10, 2015

Dusting off the cobwebs...

So, after nine months (changing jobs, moving...and finding I absolutely hate everything about my situation right now!) I managed to calm myself down long enough to put some paint on some figures.

I picked up a couple of Tre Manor's sculpts from Reaper - all in metal.  I like Bones but I'm not a huge fan of it on smaller miniatures.

I also grabbed a gorgeous vampyre model I had seen on another thread over on Lead Adventure.

Lo and behold the four figures of last weekend...

Just received a few of Tre Manor's bugbears in the Bones material (hoping they're bulky enough to not drive me mad).  I've been wanting to replace some of my less-than-awesome bugbears and these were cheap!

I hope to actually be able to post more regularly now...we'll see!

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