Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Elbowtech: An Introduction

I decided to delete and re-arrange all of the previous Elbowtech posts.  It was a bit scattered and confused.

And Elbowtech is...?

Elbowtech is a fan-based non-profit project aimed at creating a skirmish tabletop game out of Battletech.  It lies somewhere in between classic Battletech and Alpha Strike in complexity/feel.

I didn't enjoy the Alpha Strike games I've seen and watched, and yet I still wanted to run some Battletech games.  I also had three starter boxes sitting in the corner collecting dust, and wanted to get some stompy robot fun in before beginning the super lengthy road down to Robotech.

Elbowtech is intended for hexless games on a 4'x4' or larger gaming surface, using between a lance to a company of mechs for a single game.  Larger would be possible if the gaming surface was increased and multiple players were covering each side (perhaps as large as a battalion though this might get bogged down in the game...)

Using standard 1/285-1/300 scale mechs, I've converted all of the 3025 original TRO mechs over to Elbowtech cards (provided in the following posts).  I've done a couple of versions of the cards so far and settled on the current.  As it stands now I've produced cards only for the mechs that I have available, and will later provide blank cards for all of the standard 3025 mechs.

3050 will eventually happen, but not sure when.  I will not be moving past 3050, as I have little to no interest in the direction Battletech took as it became way too large and expansive a game...and lost a lot of the feel of the original old-school game.

The game does not use hex-bases though this doesn't hurt if you have them.  The rules are in process at the moment and will be shared via dropbox as they develop.

Provided in the next four posts are mech cards for 3025 era mechs.

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