Friday, April 22, 2016

Save the Craftworld: Episode 4

I received some of my latest auctions from ebay.  At this point I've assembled the majority of what I need from the old metals (vehicles will probably be modern plastics as they haven't changed much at all etc.).  I've a few more types of Aspect warriors I need, and some metal warlocks etc.

I had to suck it up and spend more than I wanted to get a good unit of Dark Reapers (these, Hawks and Spiders are obscenely expensive!)

I've accidentally ended up with a few more scorpions than planned (bid on a couple of auctions simultaneously and win them accident!)

These...I wasn't aware, were restic/resin/finecast etc.  As a rule I don't use resin miniatures in wargames, but these are quite spungy/springy.  I may incorporate a few, and I considered cutting some of them up for Guardians with meltaguns.

Again, some more scorpions, two useless exarchs and a cast model with a stunted chainsword (recast or just poorly cast?)

While I have the six scouts I wanted, several of the above groups came in one auction, so I won't mind having some back-up scouts.  The much larger "modern" scout will be put in the spares bin.

I have two small pots of stripper going full time right now.  I've got most of the purchased Eldar in some state of being stripped.  As my move closes in, the likelihood of getting paint on many of these is dwindling.  I'll keep knocking out rules and picking up codices and prepping all these guys.

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