Friday, April 29, 2016

Save the Craftworld: Episode Five

I've slowed my ebay auction searches a bit as I've managed to gather the majority of what I need.  That being said, the last big batch of auctions showed up today.

A smattering of random Warlocks, Farseers etc.  The key figure here is the old bug-eyed Farseer who will lead my army.  One of the best Eldar miniatures - and a great surprise for people who assume the demure miniature couldn't possibly have excellent stats etc.

I was planning on plastic grav platforms but found they're one of the few bits you can't get easily on ebay.  I picked up this action solely for the crew, but may end up using the platforms as well (I hate...HATE...metal-on-metal models so I will do what I can not to use these...)

Some non-used Guardians with lasguns.  While the majority of my squads will use Shuriken catapults, these guys will be converted to special weapons or will represent vehicle crews etc. (I need to check the weapons required).

Four new Swooping Hawks and two previously painted.  I'm trying to decide how I'll base these guys as they almost need the slotta.  I may mount them on some 30mm bases I grabbed up from renedra.  These will be a struggle.

All of this stuff is already being stripped as I type this.  This will conclude the majority of my "metal" infantry figures.  Next step will eventually be plastic vehicles.  There is one outstanding squad - that of Warp Spiders, which go for waaaaaay too much money.  I may have to give in and try to find a re-saler of the resins or something.  Other than that I have all of the models I need for all of the types of infantry units.
I may pursue some modular guardians to build vehicle crews if I don't have models with the appropriate weapons.

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