Sunday, September 11, 2016

Arm the masses!

I did another five of the wonderful Knuckleduster minis up.  My last ones actually, though I have another seven or so in the mail!

Earp, Earp, Holiday, Mclaury, and Brosis.
When these were hit with the anti-shine it must have been too humid here because the minis were definitely speckled and greyed out a bit by the spray which is unfortunate.  Not so bad that I need to repaint them, but it pissed me off nonetheless!
I also started re-basing some of my older Black Scorpion miniatures.  With enough stuff to keep me busy painting I'll just be touching up these guys and putting them on new bases.  Particularly bad minis will be stripped and re-painted or sold off.
These old veterans have received touch-ups (chips, and missed bits) and some new flesh and some hit with washes where necessary.  They've been rebased to match the current method I use.
"There's resin in them thar hills!"
 With the lovely Gale Force 9 badlands mountains no longer in production I've been looking for a handful more useful mountains/hills to toss on my Old West board.  I found a guy on eBay who does some reasonably sized and nice resin hills.  They're not cheap, around $30 USD shipped, but they're quite well designed - and most importantly they're laid out for wargaming.  They have nice plateaus where miniatures can sit and some have nice places for mounting support weapons etc.  I received this one and painted it up.  While it doesn't match my other pieces for colour it's far more accurate.



  1. I regret not picking up more of the GF9 badland hills when they were available. That's a nice looking hill you found....who is the seller?

    1. His username on eBay is "peprob1". I'll probably try to pick up another one or two, but they're not cheap. I agree - the Badlands were great, and I'm glad I picked up two of each of the large hills and one set of the rocks. Heck all of the GF9 hills etc. were good (I have 7 total).

  2. That Curly Bill looks awesome!