Monday, September 12, 2016

Old West size comparisons.

I snapped a couple of pictures to show off the size of the Knuckleduster 32mm digital-west figures.

I've only a few companies to compare, but all the models have been clipped from slotta-tabs and glued to the same base with the same basing techniques.

Knuckleduster 32, Black Scorpion, Knuckleduster 32, Black Scorpion.  Note that the Black Scorpion are "meatier" where the Knuckleduster are a bit more properly scaled.

Knuckleduster 32, Conquest Plains Indian, Knuckleduster 32, Conquest Plains Indian

Knuckleduster 32, Conquest Plains Indian, Knuckleduster 32, Black Scorpion

Knuckleduster 32, Dead Man's Hand (Great Escape Games), Conquest Plains Indian, Black Scorpion

I'll post more pictures if I get more manufacturers done.  In short, the Knuckleduster are definitely large 28mm minis (hence the 32 nomenclature), but they're more slight than some of the more classical style sculpts.  Due to the digital sculpts the weapons are more properly scaled, accurate and everything is a bit more "correct".  They blend quite nicely with everything I have at the moment.

I also rebased more Black Scorpion figures and finished up a sneaky Indian.

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