Thursday, December 15, 2016

Drake's Branch new-hires...

Well, after a seriously depressing slump of not painting anything for a month or so, I was encouraged via a forum to finish up some models this month.  I did six new Knuckleduster figures and re-based another ten or so Black Scorpion metals (touching them up along the way - a lot have served table-top for the past 4-5 years and have taken some chips and damage).

I stripped down four or five Black Scorpion minis as well to re-paint them at some point.  I have some real stinkers I've never been super happy with.

 Re-based Black Scorpion Metals

 New Knuckleduster 32's.
One new Knuckleduster (lady in the back) and some more re-based Black Scorpion minis.


  1. Those are fantastic. Especially like the blanket design.

    1. Thanks, Super. The serape/shawl is too big to leave blank. Keep it simple...all straight lines. :D I've seen some people do some gorgeous stuff, but I'm terrible with free-hand!