Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Last for the year?

I'm closing in on the end of 2016.

I snapped some pictures of two Eldar support weapons I recently finished - no crew just yet.

And then on a whim I painted up a blister of Reaper Lizardmen Tyrants I had sitting around.  I had originally purchased the blister thinking it was four normal Lizardmen (so I could bump my Lizardmen from eight to twelve).  Turns out the "Tyrants" are much larger!  This meant I put them away and forgot about them.  Simple paintjob, real quick (spray, details, dip).  Pretty happy with them.  Mounted on 30mm bases.

Second pictures shows a normal Reaper Lizardman alongside for scale.

Now the question is whether I'll paint anything in the next two days...

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