Sunday, January 29, 2017

Clutter Cleanse: The Cleansening

As I sat down yesterday to clean up my work desk I decided I finally put some finalizing touches on a number of things which had stalled (something I'm trying to avoid).  I'll be finishing up even more stuff in the next few days if possible.

Some poorly painted Black Scorpion town folk re-based.  I debated repainting them, but I can't be bothered.

 Some Avatars of War "Slayers" I did up for potential future use with Mordheim - my buddy has expressed an interest so I'm going to assemble 15-20 Dwarf models to run an adventure party if needed.

 A slightly modified Librarian.  This is the same cheap plastic Dark Vengeance starter figure with a new axe and a jump pack.  I was too tight-fisted to spend $12-15 on a real metal librarian, though I may do so in the future if I find one for a good enough price.  For now this guy will carry the duty.
 This is a Warhammer progress shot for January, 2017.  You'll note the added support weapons, pirates, vyper-stand-in, White Seer and all of the marines along the bottom.

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