Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pirates, a Sergeant and his Metal

Finished up another quick batch of pirates.  I don't like these nearly as much as the first batch (because the first batch as my favourite of the minis!).  But, I now have enough for a full squad of 10 pirates (including a pirate captain).  Also finished up the sergeant for the terminators.

Also received a few small eBay auctions to supplement the marine force.

 A chaplain...and I forgot he was the Death Company one so I'll have to cover up or ignore one or two "Blood" icons.
 I chose some Scouts because I wanted to run a versatile force, and because Space Marine scouts make excellent "generic" Sci-fi troopers for various skirmish games.
I don't recall shotguns being very good in 2nd edition, but why not?

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