Thursday, August 18, 2016

Eldar Dreadnought!

I've recently received two beaten up, bent, badly painted Eldar dreadnoughts.  Sadly I was in such a rush to put them in the stripping solution that I didn't take any pictures!  Blast!

Regardless I've assembled both and painted both.  One then immediately went back into the stripping solution - wasn't happy with the results!  Here is the survivor.  He will be joined shortly by his friend.

I've also been sitting on some Swooping Hawks who have been primed and lightly painted...but I've been stumped on a damn paint scheme for four weeks now!  I can't for the life of me figure out how I want to apply colours.  As such they're sitting on the desk, taunting me.  Taunting me so much that I broke my own rules and painted these Dreadnoughts!

For those curious about the above model and its unique weapon placement, allow me to explain.  In 2nd edition an Eldar Dreadnought could take one heavy weapon in addition to his twin power fists and flamer/shuriken catapult (one mounted under each forearm).  By replacing one of the arms of the model with the weapon you could save 15 points of cost.  Was it worth it?  Probably not, but I like the old-school look.

You could mount the heavy weapon on a shoulder mount (covered up by a gem on this model) for an additional cost of 15 points ---- allowing you to keep all of the weapons etc. This faded out of popularity and later models almost never showed it.  This model will have this set-up while the other model will have both arms.  The weapons have been magnetized to mount to both models easily.

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