Friday, August 26, 2016

Space Wolves!

I've decided to put together a small Space Wolf force to oppose my Eldar. Mainly for photographs and to aid my nine year old nephew's forces when he wants to play a larger game.  (it's hard building an army on an allowance and your uncle's occasional handouts!).

It'll be identifiable as Space Wolves but absolutely zero of that modern werewolf nonsense.  It'll be a slow build most likely (five marines at a time here and there, the occasional character etc.).  Luckily Space Wolves are great in 2nd edition and it's easy to field a decent amount of points with minimal figures.

Up first is a test figure, the old Terminator Chaplain I love so much (great figure!).  I detest all-black models so he wears a black shoulder pad as his sign of office.

The old Terminators fit very nicely on Renedra 30mm bases.

As received from eBay a couple of weeks back.

I'll likely end up with at least one terminator squad so I'll have something available for Space Hulk and similar games if needed.  As I build up more 40K models I increase my basic science fiction availability as well.

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