Sunday, August 21, 2016

Jetbike Warlock's a Cruzin'!

I picked up the Eldar "Start Collecting" box a little while ago.  While I hadn't been at all interested in one (as I don't need any plastic infantry etc.) I was pretty happy to see it launch with a tank and jetbikes.  Guess what I didn't have purchased?  Tanks and jetbikes!

I picked up the Start Collecting box for $64 shipped.  Quite a darn good deal for four jetbike kits and a Fire Prism.  It's a large box of plastic.

Anyway, fast forward to today.  My recent burst of painting had left me almost scraping the bottom of my miniatures barrel for Eldar to paint.  I figured I'd do the Warlock on the Jetbike (I can use him as a Farseer in a pinch).  I picked the Singing Spear because...well because it's awesome.

Pretty happy with the results.  I cut down the post that they provide for the bike, drilled a hole in the 40mm renedra base and superglued it in.  This gives a larger base than is provided with the jetbike.  I have a large aversion to clear plastic flight stands so I primed the stand black for this guy.

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