Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Painting doldrums...

I've been in a rut for a few weeks, trying to paint.  Nothing I've painted is well done, and I've stripped numerous models (some more than once!) trying to rekindle some kind of enthusiasm.  I've been in the mood to paint, but the results just aren't coming together - perhaps I'm not overly inspired by the models...not sure.

I almost didn't post these because they're so mediocre, but models are models.

An inquisitor in terminator armour - made from a Librarian body and some bits I had laying around.  Armed with a plasma gun (possibly used as the Wargear Card "Plasma Blaster" when needed)

Various elements allowing me to run an Undead warband in Mordheim (for which I built the terrain the previous post).  A necromancer, some more zombies/ghouls, some hyenas from the Conan boxed game to serve as dread wolves (awful sculpts unfortunately), and some dregs assembled from Frostgrave cultist bits and other stuff.

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