Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Old West Redux!

So, after rebasing all of my Old West miniatures I decided to rebase all of my terrain pieces, and touch a bunch of them up.  I went for a more neutral basing scheme (with the hopes of sneaking this stuff into my Mordheim tables where necessary).  I also painted all of my wagons/sheds/etc. from 4Ground to a more realistic worn-grey wood.  Not in love with the final colours, but they don't look terrible - once again they'll fit with my Mordheim stuff and the Old West.

Riderless horses were likewise rebased to match the footborne models.  2017's Old West goal is for 10-15 mounted characters fully painted.

 Old West "detritus" or scatter terrain.  Predominantly Ainsty Casting resin on various sized Renedra bases.
 Perry US Cavalry horses used for empty/riderless mounts/horses.  Fantastic horses, if a bit...dynamic for standing horses.
4Ground wagons, sheds, outhouses and cart...repainted.

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