Monday, May 1, 2017

Game Weekend: Mordheim, and Shadow War Armageddon

Got in several games this weekend.  Four games of Mordheim and one game of SWA (followed by some role-playing w/ Savage Worlds).

 Table set-up for a playtest using some ad hoc Monster rules...worked "okay"
 Table set up for the "Occupy" scenario for Mordheim
 Table set up for the Street Fight scenario - each warband must exit the opposing street end
 A glance down the street of doom!
 The street from the other side!
 The street table.
 A three way game of Shadow War Armageddon - overall it really paled in comparison to having just played Mordheim (super "simple" by comparison)
 The wagon of "out of action" models in the first Undead were slaughtered
Table set up for a generic Wyrdstone Hunt

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