Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A silly little thing...

While I'm not exactly in love with this figure, nor chuffed with the paintjob...here is a troll/ogre/thing that I received in a ebay listing I purchased.  I wasn't going to use him, but then I figured he looked like an easy paint, so why not.

Also, a fellow on a forum asked for a size comparison of the spiders from the previous post, so I've included that photo.

Showing the standard and large spiders - note neither of them are as large as the big Otherworld spiders.  All of my spiders so far are Bones miniatures.  25mm base on the left, 40mm base on the right.

Some kind of weird executioner troll?  His previous meat clever was chopped off and replaced with an axe.  40mm base.

Base Sizes
For my dungeon crawl project I'm using Dwarven Forge mastermaze and gametiles, so I'm using the 1" square system.  The bases I've used so far are all 25mm (1") Renedras, and 40mm Renedras for the monsters.  I will use a handful of larger Renedra bases for dragons and other "Huge" monsters.  I originally started with 50mm square bases to properly cover four spaces but then realized that many of my 2-space wide corridors were just a shade under 2" and it made putting monsters in/out a huge pain in the rump - hence the reduction to 40mm (still will take up 2x2 squares for movement/fighting purposes.

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