Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ludus Reinforcements...

I painted up a couple additional gladiators the night before.  Here they are, a Brigade Games (Paul Hicks) Retiarius and a Crupellarius.

The Crupellarius.  Not overly enthused with the miniature (detail is iffy and a bit soft in places).  I also really wish he had come with a separate shield instead of the implanted small round unadorned parma.  I'm not chuffed with the paint on him either, but having finished him I'll keep him employed.  Never run a Crupellarius in B.O.T.S. before - should be fun!

The Retiarius.  I like this figure pretty well.  Nothing to complain about with this fella.  I continue to find the Brigade Games stuff is not as clean or pronounced with detail as I'd like - makes painting them a bit of a pain/bore.  Overall the Retiarii from sets 2 and 3 are very reasonable.  This guy may end up cutting his teeth on the newly erected pontus.
A picture taken of the House of Oscarus for the State of the Ludus address, before Negrix and Apottus got too deep in the wine...a small batch of new recruits is rumored to be on way from Londinium by caravan.

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