Friday, May 30, 2014

Ludus reinforcements, the good...and the ugly.

So I've added a handful of new gladiators to my ludus from the hit-or-miss range from Brigade Games.  Pardon some of the hand-held cell phone pics but I disassembled my photo booth for gaming the other day.

A Brigade Games Retiarius (or "net pansy").  A decent sculpt though it's a shame he mirrors his fellow Retiarius almost identically.  Would have been nice to see a different fellow (only their shoulder guards are different).

A Secutor (again Brigade Games).  He looks better in person than this poor photo - and I actually touched him up a bit after this.  The miniature is mediocre with a rather absurdly bent sword (the angle of his wrist, sword pommel and sword blade don't match - and the sword is attached to the helmet).  You'll notice the weird angle in the photo.  Overall I still love my Secutores.
A Brigade Games Myrmillo - nice mini, but nothing to write home about.  As usual my plastic Roman scutums from Warlord games replace the metal ones from Brigade Games (absolutely hate metal-on-metal figures - and the plastic scutums are more accurate and easy to paint/glue).
Brigade Games Provocator - a nice figure, easy to paint.  He is quite slight compared to the others.  Again, a plastic Scutum from Warlord Games.
And the final surprise of the bunch - a Thraex which turned out to be a quite lovely figure.  One of the best ones of the last two sets I ordered - easy to paint, nice detail, reasonable pose...and I absolutely love the way the paintjob turned out.  He's up there as one of my favourite gladiators now.  (read: He'll die immediately in his first fight).

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