Saturday, May 24, 2014

Of Giants and Men...

So, after running to the local crappy game store and paying too much for an additional can of Army Painter dip I finished up my Giant (again a pre-paint from D&D or something).  I believe the figure is actually a mountain or stone troll of some sort, but since it's quite large it'll be playing the role of "Giant, mean stompy guy who squishes things."

The guy came out a lot darker than I had planned, but he works well enough for a big baddy so I'll leave him be.
Scale shot along with a Reaper elf (who's actually a rather large 28mm figure...)
I received sets two and three of Brigade Games (Paul Hicks) gladiators as a birthday gift.  I have to say I'm a little less impressed with them.  The sculpts are nothing special, but they are nicely historically accurate.  However...
Here is an Arbelas (Scissor)...looks okay, the sculpt is okay and he'll work...however...
 On the left is a (admittedly) rather large Foundry Secutor.  In the middle is a Brigade Games Secutor from Set 1...and the comparatively tiny Arbelas from Set 2 or 3. He's a friggin' midget compared to the other Brigade Games guy.
As much as I like the historical nature of the Brigade Games figures and the reasonable price (and if you buy all three sets your ludus is almost set for any game)...the mediocre sculpting and the apparent inverted scale creep is a problem.  I'll have the other painted soon and see how they compare.  I'm not stoked about a range containing what appear to be 25mm and 28mm, and I'm not normally bugged by scale - but in a game when you only have 2-4 models on the board it's pretty damn noticeable.
Here is a plastic kit-bashed Dimachaerus (gladiator who fought with two swords - unknown armour or equipment).  I don't like many of the Dimachaerus figures I've seen, nor much of the art work.  There was one piece I thought looked fairly legitimate so I went for a version of it...let me see if I can google it...
This is the image I found most suitable.  Using the plastic bits I had laying around (Viking body, roman legionnaire legs, greek swords and a 100-years-war helmet...and greek plume?) I wanted to get something similar.  I may eventually invest in making a proper one using some other gladiator bits, but he'll stand in for now.

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