Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cabinets, altars and trucks.

I've broken one of my own cardinal rules and let my hobby table become a bit piled-upon by projects which are all on-going.

I normally try to discipline myself and a small project before moving onto something else.  My blitz of hobbying over the last week or two has left my table scattered with some bits and pieces.  Time to finish them up.

A remaining cabinet, a Reaper altar (with some books/scrolls added to it)

These are four little collected trucks which are about 1/300 scale.  They came with a service crane (pictured below) and were sold alongside some Japanese Dougram gashapon figures I was using to make some Battlemechs.  I pulled a bunch of bits out of my box and assembled four different utility trucks for use as terrain and mission objectives.  One is a coolant/fuel truck, one is a scrap/recovery truck, one is a communications/radar truck and the last is the maintenance truck (the crane below is how the trucks are delivered via ebay).

You'll notice heavy dip on the trucks.  I did a quick and dirty paintjob on them and as my Army Painter starts to thicken (sadly happens every can) I use it on more and more terrain bits and stuff I don't care about.  The heavier dip actually gives them a dirty worn in look, so I didn't remove all of the puddles with my normal method.

I also started to finish up a couple of suspended bridges I'll be using for the dungeon crawl, and painted up a handful of tokens for Blood on the Sands (gladiator game) which I was too lazy to snap pictures of.

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