Monday, November 9, 2015

Tomb of the Hideous Wraith

I knocked out a handful of figures the past day or two.

Some GW Skaven figures used for Ratmen.  I added wicker shields and de-horned/de-spiked them a good bit.  I don't much like the colour scheme, but I'll stick with it now that I've begun.  I have another eight I'll do up for a total of twelve (my goal number for most henchmen types).

Another six spiders to make a total of twelve.  Only difference on these was the red diamond in place of the prior beige one.

The disaster.  This was a random skeleton lord in Reaper Bones material that I bought for no reason.  It was a mistake.  Very soft detail, super bendy - not the best Bones figure I've purchased.  It didn't take paint too well and ended up a mess.  I almost tossed this guy in the trash.  As he's finished I'll keep him on for dungeon duty.

And now...something completely different.  These are the two remaining Gladiator figures I've had sitting on my desk primed for...over a year.  One is a judge/referee/doltore figure.  The fella in dark blue is Charon (sp?).  He was an attendant who used a hammer to verify that a slain gladiator was indeed slain and not simply trying to sneak out of the games with a gruesome looking wound.  They will serve zero purpose on the table, other than the referee perhaps being a mobile obstacle?  I just had to get them off the desk! 

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