Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cobwebs in the Caverns!

After playing a mediocre game of Frostgrave (undecided on how I feel about that game), I got the urge to sit down and crack on with some painting for the dungeon crawl project.  This was a nice change from the utter blitzkrieg of Battletech miniatures lately (disclaimer: I received eight city-tech plastic mechs in the mail today, so look for that soon!)

Here ya go!

I did up two of my last Tre Manor sculpted Bugbears (really dislike some of the other bugbear figures I had done -- wanted some options).  The Bugbear unit is up to eight figures now.

The dogs are from Reaper I believe, and I just needed some suitable hounds, since they pop up in a ton of dungeon crawl games, as opponents and allies.

The last three figures were a complete...random project.  I was watching a certain film about a suitably sized amount of mischief in the rather diminutive orient and suddenly wanted to kitbash something for the dungeon crawl.  They'll work as any kind of undead beastie (necromancer, wights, etc.).

More stuff in the wings and in process.

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