Thursday, November 5, 2015

Henchmen reporting, sah!

I decided to beef up some of my henchmen groups.  I've added a couple of Bugbears in the last post, this post I added some more ghouls/zombies and a couple of extra henchmen.  Next up is likely skeletons.

Additional ghouls/zombies!

Now, with 50% more henchmen in every bag!

 Only had six bone piles, so I added a few more and a small bad-magic-juju spellbook pedestal.

 One of the cell doors and a prior occupant (Zagat's Top 10 Dungeons "Would stay again, forever!".)

 A tremendous weapon cabinet.  And I mean...tremendous, it's wildly out of scale but I'll use it.

I slapped these small cell doors together out of plasticard.  Just wanted some quick fixes for dungeons.  I mean, who doesn't have a dungeon!?

Not sure what's next.  I did slap together some battlemechs, but I'm on a dungeon roll at the moment and have a game to run on Saturday.  

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