Monday, January 11, 2016

Bodies and Boxes

Trying to add some extra bits to my Old West gaming I assembled a couple of Ainsty barricades and a couple of handfuls of Great Escape Games casualty figures from Dead Man's Hand.

It's rare that I gripe about miniatures/gaming stuff...but these were absolutely horrible.  Three of the four packs were brittle, terrible flash, heaps of extra resin, cracked and crumbling.  I was missing a foot, and had a broken leg and arm.  Gobs of resin on some of the faces.  I made the immediate decision to mount them on 40mm bases and build up the surrounds with gravel/basing material to hide the majority of the junk.

This shows the stark difference between the fourth pack, which was darker, cleaner, and much more acceptable.  Overall the sculpts were pretty blase - including terrible foot placement and really awful brick/flattened hands.

This is a guy I didn't even bother finishing...

No interest in trimming all this for a single casualty figure...(all of this stuff also highlights why resin sucks when done improperly)

The fourth pack, despite lego hands, was okay...

The indian was nearly hollow...making him harder to glue down.

This guy had a broken leg I simply glued back into place...and his face was nonexistent, just a big dark hole.

Overall, the worst hobby product I've received in a few years time.  I won't be going for any more resin from this line.  Buyer beware, don't order these unless you can visually inspect them and see what the quality is like.  I'd recommend picking them up in a store where you can inspect them first. goes on.  I slapped them on a base, painted/based them and I won't be doing any more casualty figures.

The end product is passable, but only for casualties.

I also painted up these barricades from Ainsty.  I actually used a wood varnish on this stuff since it's much cheaper and I've heard good things about it (very much like dip).  I've got mixed feelings.  Definitely doesn't seep in, provide the coverage and it stayed tacky for days...until I just anti-shined it and called it done.

I also put together the 4Ground Undertaker's into a new Town Hall but it's already in a bin for storage so I'll break it out later for pictures.

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